Joining the Google group

Why do we need a page dedicated to joining a Google Group?

Because Google apparently has a very different idea of 'obvious' than most people. Read on.

  1. Send an email to google group subscribe link.

    • If you are relatively new to the group or have an email address that we might not recognize, please include a simple message to let us know you are legitimate. Something like 'I just moved to town and want to throw a disc around' is enough.

  2. You will get an automated response but you then need to follow a link 'Join this group' to a webpage and then click 'join request' there.

  3. Send an email to this link to let the admins know you tried to join.

    • Google groups is broken so it currently doesn't inform admins of new member requests.

    • Include your message here also, since there is sometimes an issue with the message not showing up in the request itself.

  4. Wait for a confirmation email that your request has been approved.

    • Be sure to check your spam folder.

  5. Visit the group and set up your account.

    • In the left sidebar select 'My membership settings'.

      • On this page you can choose your display name and redirect mail delivery to another account (in case you don't check your gmail account often).

      • Most importantly, set 'Subscription' to something other than 'No email' which is the default (we can't control the default; Google assumes you will join a group and never want to hear from them again). Since traffic is pretty light, it is safe to set this to 'Each email' so you get email in a timely manner.