Santa Barbara Community Darkroom

The Santa Barbara Darkroom is the last public sanctuary for the magic of still film photography processing and printing in Santa Barbara County. Hands-on Photography is back, please join us.

Call: (805) 222-6335 or email:


The mission of the Santa Barbara Community Darkroom is to promote the traditional photo art forms and build a self sustaining community in honor of the last century forever changed by the still image.

Santa Barbara Rental Darkroom

Join and Create (studio membership)

All members have 24 hours access 7 days a week. There are stock supplies on hand and room to store your own supplies. It's also available to non-members during weekly open house hours or by appointment.

Black and White Print Making Santa Barbara Darkroom

Learn and Explore (workshops)

Shooting and Developing Film

Basic B&W printmaking

Color Negative processing and scanning

Advanced B&W printmaking


Cross processing c-41 and e-6 Santa Barbara Darkroom

Show, Share and Refine (group activities)

Seasonal Meeting - Come talk film, printing and cameras (free beer and snacks)

Annual Art show - Display your work with the group.

Group experiments - Come play and try new stuff, less formal than a workshop and free.

Hidden in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara at 924 Chapala St. Suite A

Ample parking available in the City lot at Canon Perdido and Chapala. For those who prefer public transit the MTD Bus station is a block away.

In the world of effortless instant digital media and faux filters there is something incredibly magical about the tangible experience that is the skill and art of traditional photography. Once more the photo can be born by the artist working in the dim red light, the smell of chemistry and the sounds of trickling water paint darkness until the image wiped dry and the crafted image is revealed under the white light. To experience this true art and craft incredibly exciting and rewarding.

Perfect the Print. Own your Craft.

(805) 222-6335