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Welcome to Sanokondu, a multi-national community of practice invested in healthcare leadership education.  On this website, you will find a wide range of open-access leadership content including curricular materials with a focus on learners and a new section on leading during crisis as well as links to upcoming events like our annual meeting, The International Summit on Leadership Education for Physicians (TISLEP) and monthly events for peer support, networking and mentorship

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Anti-Racism Commitment

In the past years, we have witnessed the devastating impacts of racism. In solidarity with those grieving most recently #215Children found in Kamloops Residential Schools in Turtle Island (Canada), #BlackLivesMatter, #Islamophobia. #StopAsianHate, and all xenophobia,  we feel the sadness, anguish and anger over these events past and present in a context of longstanding racism around the world. These events and all acts driven by hate, prejudice and discrimination impact us directly or indirectly. We write to amplify the momentum and build the coalition for change.

To our learners, faculty and community, who we have had the privilege of working or partnering with, know that we stand with you. To all and any who experience marginalization for any reason - We see you, we ask for your voices and we are listening. We will act against all forms of inequity or injustice. We offer our partnership.  If you see us stumble, we encourage you to lead and help us correct our course. Where dialogue is important to improve understanding and collaboration, we call for your participation. We will reach out to include you because your consultation, engagement and leadership are important. Thank you for your ongoing work, help and for your commitment to truth and reconciliation.

We strive to be allies; to continue the dialogue, to learn and to educate and to do the work collaboratively through co-creation to dismantle the structural inequities and oppression that perpetuate racism and discrimination. We are advocates for anti-racism, anti-oppression, equity, inclusion and social justice and want to act in solidarity.

Leadership Education Resources

Good leadership, followership and citizenship are needed to navigate this pandemic. View our curated resources to support everyone during this Covid19 pandemic: Leading During Crisis.

LEADS is a global framework of leadership in health care settings.  To view our resources as aligned with the LEADS framework, click here.

The CanMEDS 2015 Competency Framework was developed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is widely used to organize competency-based medical education.  We are working to align our resources with the CanMEDS 2015 framework. In the meantime, click here to view a PDF of the framework.

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