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Residents and local businesses agree!

This project is . . .

Not good for our Seniors!

Not good for our Neighborhood!

Not good for our Local Businesses!

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New Project Manager: Ruth Cueto -

Make sure to reference project# CP18-022 and T18-034: Blossom Hill Project

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Charities Housing's Current Proposal:

Seniors Housing

This development is intended to target frail seniors (mainly 62 and over). The residents will be extremely low and very-low income adults and adults with disabilities who have difficulties living in their homes without services.

One third of the units will be set aside for senior, homeless households/individuals referred by the County of Santa Clara. Residents in these Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) units will be referred by the County of Santa Clara from their Coordinated Care Program, Nursing Homes or other County supported residential options for seniors.

Charities is proposing to develop a 150-unit development for the senior population (62+), the unit size break-down will be approximately 80% studio apartments, 10% 1-bedroom, and 10% 2-bedroom.

Occupancy per unit is dependent on unit size, Charities Housing abides by HUD occupancy standards which are as follows:

Studio 1-2 persons (@80% - 240 persons potential)

1-bedroom 1-3 persons (@10%- 45 persons potential)

2-bedroom 2-5 persons (@ 10%- 75 persons potential)

A .68 parking ratio is being considered for the residential portion of the development.

Charities is working on our design process, with community input, and plans to submit an application to the planning department at the City of San Jose by September 2018.


The Original Proposal:

Charities Housing, a non-profit off-shoot of Catholic Charities, is in contract with ACO Furniture on Blossom Hill for the development of a large low-income housing complex. The property is currently zoned for commercial. Charities Housing plans to build a 130-161 residential unit facility with approximately 30,000 square feet set aside for commercial space (as is required by the City to ensure no loss of jobs).

  • The project will be 100% affordable housing, with approximately 1/3 serving special needs and 1/3 permanent supportive. Special needs in this case refers to the homeless. Tenants will include section 8 voucher recipients. Tenants will be required to pay a minimal rent, but are NOT required to hold down a job. Rent may be subsidized through vouchers etc.

  • As an update to the first meeting with Charities Housing, the City is requiring 30,000 square feet of commercial space (a difference of 12,000 square feet from the 18,000 originally presented by Charities Housing).

  • As an update to the first meeting, current plan designs are for a total of 130-150 units. A single studio unit will be approximately 350-375 square feet with plans to accommodate up to 2 adults plus children per unit.

  • The commercial space will NOT be retail. Rather, it will be support services for their tenants. Charities Housing has 100% control over selecting said businesses. When asked what will happen if they cannot find willing businesses, Charities Housing had no answer.

  • They plan to have a front desk, with key card entry, however do not plan to add security due to cost. This is a 180 degree turn from the first meeting where they indicated they would put security in place if need was demonstrated.

  • They are hoping to negotiate less commercial square footage, arguing the loss of jobs would be minimal. Per Charities Housing, the job losses would not exceed 10.

  • They will conduct background checks, credit checks, etc. to the extent possible. However, they will not refuse entry based on a history of criminal convictions or other red flags. In fact, they indicated that a felony would be ignored if it was beyond seven years. When asked if that would include murder, they indicated that they would have to get back to us.


  • As mentioned previously, 1/3 of the units must be set aside for special needs. Homelessness by this definition is a special need according to Charities Housing.

  • The number of units could increase substantially.

  • Although they are in contract, this is not a done deal yet. They will be conducting community outreach as the development moves forward. However, they have indicated that they plan on purchasing the property (currently in escrow), moving forward on the construction build, and have indicated that they see no barrier to project approval.

  • When asked why they chose this site, Charities Housing cited the following:

    1. high density urban area,

    2. meets zoning criteria

    3. has proximity to jobs and public transportation

They indicated they know about the history of gang related activity, crime, homelessness, etc. of the area. They do not consider this to be of significant concern.

They also indicated that they failed previously to acquire this property because of the neighborhood connection to the roller rink.

  • They maintain that they have not kept crime statistics from any of their properties, as they are not required to do so.

  • When asked how to stop this project, Charities Housing said that it is a political process, but there is good political support for the project. In fact, it appears that Sergio Jimenez has voiced his strong support of the project in private conversation with Charities Housing. Quoting Charities Housing... "Sergio is very supportive." In fact, there is an appearance that Sergio Jimenez, who has not sponsored one meeting with his constituents re: ACO, is actively pursuing his own political agenda without consideration of his constituent's concerns and/or the impacts on the local community.

The History:

There has been 1 previous attempt by Charities Housing to build homeless housing studios on the same site and the community fought back.

  • 08/2017 - file number: PDC12-031 - ongoing Mixed-use development with 160-170, 100% Affordable Housing Units and 18,060 SF of commercial space on a 2 acre site, located in Blossoms Hill/Snell Urban Village

  • 05/2009 - file number: PDC09-018 - withdrawn Planned Development Zoning to demolish an existing roller-skating facility and construct a new 150-unit single-room occupancy (SRO) affordable living apartment complex on a 2.01 gross acre site traffic report: file number: 2009 032920 TA DEMOLISH AN EXISTING ROLLER-SKATING FACILITY AND CONSTRUCT A NEW 150-UNIT SINGLE-ROOM OCCUPANCY (SRO) AFFORDABLE LIVING APARTMENT COMPLEX ON A 2.01 GROSS ACRE SITE

  • 09/2008 - file number: PRE08-174 - complete Replace existing roller rink with 170-unit SRO apartment complex with stand-alone restaurant and parking garage.

  • 03/14/2014 - Former Council Member Ash Kalra has rezoned the building to Neighborhood Commercial to prevent future housing development

  • 9/2017- Council Member Sergio Jimenez, when asked about the development, said "Different council member; different values"

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