Sango Sushi Los Alamitos

NEW Lunch special

 Tuesday ~ Friday 11 - 2 pm

Combi A with Miso soup $13.50


Combi B with Miso soup $15.95

Chirashi Sushi with Miso Soup $14.50

Pork OR Chicken Katsu Curry $10.95

Chicken Curry $9.95

Chicken Bowl $7.50

Pork OR Chicken Katsu Bowl $9.50

Beef Sukiyaki Bowl $9.95 

Chicken Sukiyaki Bowl $9.50

Chicken Udon $8.95

Beef Udon $9.50

Tempura Udon $9.50

We have closed the operation permanantly at the current address.  we are trying to open a new location.  we will keep you posted when we have the new address to operate.  Thank you for your patronage through out the years!

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