Sunny Sunny Day

Words and music by Sandy Lambert © 2018 SOCAN

I’m on my way out the bay on a sunny sunny day

Not a cloud in the sky, only eagles flying high

The wind in my hair, from that salt water air

There’s no place I’d rather be

It feels like home to me

We pull the boat into the warf

Load er up with gear, and off we go

The water shines like glass

As we head out to find our fishing hole

With not a care in the world

We got the whole wide world in our hands


We find our fishing spot

Get out our rods and drop our line below

The seagulls flying high

As we pull a big ole cod into the boat

What better way to spend a day

Fishin out the bay with one’s we love


Out the bay

Out the bay

On a sunny day

On a sunny day

Out the bay

Out the bay

Out the bay with the boy’s on a sunny day