Mission Valley Group

1st Wednesdays of the month, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

First United Methodist Church, Music Room, 2111 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92116

Next Meeting: 2:00 pm, September 4, 2019

Past Meetings

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August 7, 2019

On-Off fluctuations

Managing PD Mid-stride: A Treatment Guide to Parkinson's Disease

June 5, 2019

Mike Reeder from Boxfit San Diego.

May 1, 2019

Driving with PD. 190430

April 3, 2019

Guest Speaker:

Jamie L. Hamilton, PhD,

Senior Associate Director, Research Programs

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

February 6, 2019


2:00 pm Introductions, new members, questions, upcoming events

2:15 pm Break-out groups (PD group in large room; CP group in library room)

3:15 pm Dr. Van Patten - introduces UCSD bioengineering program

3:30 pm Break into small groups (2 students plus 5 to 8 PD and CP)

4:00 pm END (small groups can continue to meet; schedule follow-up

Dr. Ryan Van Patten, a neuroscientist from UCSD, will introduce a bioengineering program at UCSD where students compete to conceive, design, build and test devices that help a PD patient in some relevant way or with an essential need.


Dr. Van Patten will bring some students with him and we will form small groups of PD patients and Care Partners to meet with students in small groups made-up of students, PD's, and CP's to help students learn and understand what the needs of the PD community are and 'brainstorm ideas.

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January 2, 2019

Lindsay Zehren, MT-BC

Neurologic Music Therapist

Director of Special Projects

MusicWorx Inc.

10455 Sorrento Valley Road, Ste. 202, San Diego, CA 92121


858-888-0899 cell, 858-457-2201 office phone

December 5, 2018

Speaker: Dan Thomas

In a slightly off-center message, Dan uses humor and a little magic to sort out the puzzle of living with Parkinson’s.

November 7, 2018

2. Speaker: Dr. Nelson Hwynn, DO , Movement Disorder Neurologist, Scripps Health (see slides to the right)


October 3, 2018

3. Guest speaker

Donna Wood: The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method

Donna Wood will introduce The Feldenkrais Method®, is a system of movement education in which gentle guided movement builds upon the natural harmony between one’s body, mind, and nervous system to improve posture, balance, and one’s ability to move with comfort and grace in their daily activities.

Donna Wood has been teaching and exploring the Feldenkrais Method for over 20 years.


About the Feldenkrais Method

September 5, 2018


1. Welcome, introductions (5 min)

2. News and updates (5 min)

3. Guest speaker(45 min)

4. Short break (10 min)

5. PWP and CP break-out sessions (50 min)

Guest Speaker

Sherrie Gould, NP, Scripps

You know Sherrie as the "Stem cell enthusiast". But today she will be speaking on a different topic

The objectives of her talk

  1. Introduce non motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease and more specifically delusions and hallucinations that are an extremely common occurrence in Parkinson's disease (over 50% of PWP's will experience this in some form in their lifetime).
  2. Describe the symptoms of PD hallucinations and delusions
  3. Explore how one can talk to their health care provider about their symptoms and establish a treatment plan

August 1, 2018


1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Announcements & Questions

3. Speaker: Phil Lindsley, San Diego Elder Law Center

June 6, 2018

Family and Friends Day 7.7.2018 final.pdf

May 9, 2018

Speaker Info

Kevin Leinum, CSA

Certified Senior Care Advisor, Capstone Care Placement.

(619) 886-5665 kevin@capstonecareplacement.com

April 4, 2018


March 7, 2018

Inspiration: Emma Lawson Tedx Talk: What Parkinson's Taught Me

February 7, 2018

January 3, 2018


Speaker: Lisbeth Garces

December 6, 2017

November 1, 2017