About Us

Statement of Purpose

Our support groups are places where people with Parkinson's, their care partners, friends and relatives can feel safe, meet others, exchange ideas, lend an opinion, and make new friends.

  • Learn from your peers

  • get questions answered

  • discuss symptoms and medication options

  • share resources

  • learn from people who have first hand experience.

The groups are made-up of warm, smart, welcoming, funny, optimistic people.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, their Care Partners, family, and friends are welcome. UCSD Parkinson's Support Group meetings are free and open to anyone regardless of where you get your medical care.

Take Control

Parkinson's disease is different for everyone. Optimizing your health requires collaboration with your physician. Symptoms and treatments vary widely from person to person. Learn what works for other and apply that knowledge to your care by working with your physician. Contact us for more information or simply show-up at one of our meetings.

History of Our Support Groups

What is known today as the Mission Valley Parkinson's Support Group started in February of 2012 as a spin-off of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego’s (PASD) “Good start Program” for people recently diagnosed with PD. There were 6 founding members and the plan was to meet as an informal group on a monthly basis from February to August of 2012, and then disband. However, during those 6 months a few additional people joined the group and at the August meeting - planned to be our last - instead we decided to find our own meeting space and continue on. We established at that August meeting our guiding principle that we still carry with us today: “The Group runs the Group”. We agreed we would have a Group “Manager” who would be responsible for logistics - getting a room, collecting email addresses, scheduling meetings, and such things, but there would be no formal Group “Leader” who would make decisions FOR the Group. We were formed as and continue to operate as a truly egalitarian organization.

Since its founding, our group has met at several different locations, never missed a single month having a meeting, grown by word of mouth from 6 to 150 members, and in 2017 joined forces with UCSD’s Movement Disorder Center, forming a second, sister group. We have gained a reputation for being an open, friendly, and welcoming group of smart, funny, supportive, passionate and dedicated people. These are the qualities that sustain us and that we want to share with the San Diego Parkinson’s community.


Goals for this Website

  1. To provide information about Support Group meetings (what, where, when, who)

  2. To be a storage and distribution site for resources for the group (meeting handouts, references, links, clinical trial opportunities, etc.)

  3. To be simple and easy to use.

Policies for this Website

  1. Privacy of Group members will be honored by never posting their names or contact information.

  2. This website will not be used to access Group members for commercial purposes.

  3. This website will not be used to promote any product or treatment.

  4. Changes to these Goals and Policies will only be made after consultation with all groups.