Vendor List

Vendors: Booths are non-transferable! If you cannot attend the show, your booth will be assigned to a wait list vendor. Please do not tell someone they can have your booth as it is unfair to those who are patiently waiting on the wait list. Deadline for cancellation with a refund is October 31. After that date, we will not be able to refund you for the booth fee.

Vendor Booth assignments

2019 Vendor List to Publish
2019 Vendor Info Sheet.docx
Helpful Hints for Vendors:

Vendors, please make sure you have done the following as soon as possible:

  • Make sure you have filled out the information form: We will be creating an information tab on the website so that customers can find you throughout the year. Since our show is so early in December this year, this will be beneficial to you because many customers contact us to find out how to continue to shop with you for the holidays. This information will remain on our website until the 2020 show, so you will receive extra advertising all year long!
  • Please go to the "Set-Up Information" tab here on the website and familiarize yourself with that information. It is important that you follow the guidelines set out in that section as we cannot accommodate early set up. Areas are prepped after school and sports practices end, so if you show up before your time, generally it slows down the process for everyone involved. We cannot have vendors and their items clogging up the lobbies waiting for areas to open. Please help us out with this and only arrive at your time to set up or after.
  • Please, please, please continue to share the Facebook event. We have a tremendous response already, but we would love to get those numbers up even more. Make sure you have responded that you are going to the event and share to your social media accounts. We will be advertising online with the News and Observer and other outlets as well.

Wait list

Wait list is not in any particular order. We will fill open booths with vendors that will add to the variety of the show. We will attempt to fill any cancelled booths with similar products. For example, if a homemade soap vendor cancels, we will pull a soap vendor from the wait list to fill that spot, if possible.

2019 Waitlist