Judgments, Decisions, and Health Lab

Who We Are

Our core values are curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

We study a wide range of topics informed by multiple disciplines; we actively seek and integrate diverse viewpoints in our thinking; and we collaborate to provide enduring value for each other, our partners, our university, and our community.

Our core areas and topics of research are:

  1. decision-making under risk and uncertainty: risk-taking; delay discounting; gambling; crime; antisociality

  2. social judgments: social comparison; relative deprivation; dis/advantage; inequality

  3. mental health and well-being: anxiety; depression; well-being; resilience

  4. self-regulation: impulsivity; sensation seeking; self-control

*** Please note: I am not currently accepting new graduate students ***

Current Graduate Students
(University of Guelph)

Current Program: PhD (Management), Lang School of Business & Economics
(co-advised with Ann Pegoraro)

Past Programs: BA (Psychology), University of Regina; MA (Psychology), University of Regina

Research interests: emotion; decision-making; arts management; sports analytics; representation of women in athletics, Bayesian statistics

Bio: The son of two Filipino immigrants, Josh uses his research background to bring an evidence-based approach to marketing. He primarily works with clients in the art and fitness worlds. Josh is a huge Golden State Warriors and Baltimore Ravens fan and is an avid songwriter.

Current Program: PhD (Management), Lang School of Business & Economics

Past Program: BA (Psychology), University of Ottawa; MA (Psychology), University of Regina

Research interests: Political, organizational, and evolutionary psychology; social comparisons, organizational values, competitive dis/advantage, antisociality

Bio: Nabhan was born and raised in Canada's Capital Region, the youngest son of two entrepreneurs. At a young age, he was passionate about politics, with a particular fascination about the origins of political attitudes and how these attitudes influence decision-making. He continues to express this passion in his research and hobbies, including keeping up with national and international politics, and playing board games and video games.

Current Program: PhD (Management), Lang School of Business & Economics

Past Program: BSc (Psychology), University of Toronto; MA (Psychology), University of Regina

Research interests: Mental health and well-being; developmental harshness and unpredictability; schemas; developmental influences in organizations

Current Graduate Students
(University of Regina)

Jeff Deminchuk

Current Program: MA (Psychology), University of Regina

Research interests: Risk; decision-making; evolutionary psychology; relative state model; risk-sensitivity; poker; physical combat

Bio: After spending several years at an office job making wall calendars, Jeff decided to return to school to study evolutionary psychology. His research focuses on risk and decision-making, allowing him to convert his two main hobbies (poker and martial arts) into research projects.

Cody Fogg

Current Program: MA (Psychology), University of Regina

Research interests: Evolutionary psychology; organizational behavior; risk-taking; competition; memory/learning; inequality; statistics

Former Graduate Students

Program: MA (Psychology), University of Regina

Current Position: PhD student (Marketing), Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary

Research interests: evolutionary psychology, judgment and decision-making, and individual differences; currently, my research interests include inequality, feelings of envy and relative deprivation, interpersonal competition, risk-taking, and the consumption of security goods.