Our school would not be the wonderful place it is without YOU. There are a variety of ways for both stay-at-home and working parents to help the PTO. Your time and talents are valuable assets – each of them enhances and enriches our school.

Interested in volunteering but not sure who to talk to or where to start? Please take a moment to fill out our PTO Volunteer Opportunity Form here. We have a great group of volunteers -- moms, dads and grandparents -- and a mix of working and non-working parents. We would love to have your help!


  • It contributes to the sense of community that makes our school a truly special place for our kids. Whether you have the time to chair a committee, or just an hour or two here and there to help out, your contribution makes a difference!
  • It helps to set Sandburg apart as an exceptional elementary school.
  • To get to know to other parents, students, teachers and staff.
  • Parent involvement in their child's school improves their long-term academic success.
  • Your child loves seeing you at the school.


Our main volunteer drives are in the fall and spring. At the start of the new school year, we send out volunteer interest forms to help us know who to contact when certain volunteer opportunities arise. In the spring we search to fill chairperson and executive board vacancies for the following year.

Always keep an email on the weekly PTO email blasts with links to volunteer sign-ups throughout the year.

If you are interested in something, contact our Volunteer coordinators sandburgpto@gmail.com.


When you volunteer at Sandburg, you must sign in with the main office and be issued a badge before you head to your volunteering destination. Signing in not only helps ensure the safety of our school, but allows Sandburg to accurately keep track of volunteer hours.

  • You can also record volunteer hours HERE (as long as they are in the present school year).