Team Sanctumonius


Dubbed so by Dan and Jake, founders of Sanctumonius and hosts of the Sanctumonius Podcast. The idea is a team that anyone that wants to be a part of it, is a part of it.

To be part of this team means you have people to hang out with at events, people to help you prepare for events, people to talk with about the game, and people that have your back when you're facing the world.

The main hub for the team is the discord server, where all discussion about strategy, decks, and ideas are open to anyone that wants to read it.

The team consists of many members, and is very hard to quantify its size due to the catch all nature of it. But suffice it to say we have numerous players that have placed highly at competitive events, and show prominently on places like the crucible leaderboard, along with very active casual players. Anyone is welcome.

Fly the Colors

The best way to show your team affiliation is by flying the sanctumonious flag, and by that I mean, wear a shirt, or use a playmat.

The playmats are made by Inked Gaming, and you can find them on the sanctumonius artist page.

Shirts currently need to be ordered through Jake Frydman on the discord server.