Recommended Reading

What Is Democratic Socialism?

Neal Meyer, Jacobin

Beyond Social Democracy

Ralph Miliband and Marcel Liebman, Socialist Register

A Marxist Case for Interscetionality

Sharon Smith,

San Antonio Labor History - Pecan Shellers' Strike

S. M. Chavey, San Antonio Express News

The ABCs of Socialism

A collection of essays from leftist writers to help explain socialism to a new audience and answer some of its most common criticisms.

For more in depth discussions on a variety of topics check out East Bay DSA for relevant readings.

Socialist Night School

Socialist Night School is a series of courses that provide comrades a chance to develop their ability to dismantle and replace oppressive systems by building an understanding of political and organizing theory through study of theoretical and historical traditions from a multitude of Leftist tendencies.

Courses are inclusive spaces that give folks a chance to discuss socialist principles together, regardless of background knowledge, affiliation, or whether you've attended before. Everyone is welcome!

More details to come.