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Current Campaigns

Paid Sick Time

San Antonio DSA stands with other Texas-based community and labor organizations who have worked together to win paid sick time policies in Texas. We support Working Texans for Paid Sick Time in their fight to make sure the earned paid sick time ordinance in San Antonio goes into effect in August of 2019. The paid sick time ordinance ensures that employees of private businesses or nonprofits who work at least 80 hours within city limits in a year earn at least one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours of work.

This campaign, through a framework of health justice is a springboard upon which many Texas chapters, including ourselves and Austin DSA, to open up conversations about Medicare for All and single payer healthcare, as neither bosses nor corporations should decide how, when, or at what cost we take care of our bodies.

SA Climate Ready Plan

San Antonio DSA is a member of Climate Action SA - a coalition of about 30 organizations and individuals who advocate for climate and social justice. We support the call to strengthen the SA Climate Ready Plan by closing CPS Energy’s coal-burning power plant by 2025, ending the use of all fossil fuels for producing electricity at CPS Energy by 2030, achieving city-wide carbon neutrality by 2040, and achieving carbon sink status (absorbing, rather than emitting emissions) by 2050.

We will continue to urge the Mayor and City Council to include rapid reduction in greenhouse gases in San Antonio through public speaking events, petition drives, canvassing, and other actions.