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So How Do I Tag My Squidoo Lens?

To check the popularity of a particular Squidoo tag, I recommend the free workshop add-on from SquidUtils, which color codes popular tags green, uncommon ones red.

Your primary tag should be your keyword phrase, just a word or three. Make sure it's used by other lenses! A link from a tag page with only one link won't impress search engines. A link from a tag page with 20 lenses all related to your topic is more impressive (especially if yours is near the top). I strongly recommend Fluff's How-to post on of Squidoo tags for help.

Squidoo and Squidoo Tags

Squidoo uses its tags for a special purpose: to decide which lenses to link to yours and vice versa. That works only if you turn on the "Discovery" tool in the Introduction Module. Your lens will then appear in the Discovery Tool box in the sidebar of lenses sharing your tags. You'll get more exposure if you use tags used by several lenses. So use Squidoo Tags that are broad, general categories: "breakfast" not the Long Tail "whole grain waffles."

Blogging software that uses tags often uses tags or categories to cross-link posts in much the same way.


Tip: Don't Sweat It; Have Fun!

If you're using Squidoo, you're not in the make-a-million-bucks market anyway. There's better ways to make money, get fame and fortune on the web. So remember to play! Squidoo is a playful medium, and that fun will shine through for your visitors. Don't kill yourself or your lens with search engine optimization and perfectionism. Stay loose.

"How to Squidoo" involves one thing there isn't enough of in this world: JOY!

Build Links to Your Lenses, Too

SEO Benefits of Backlinks to Squidoo Lenses

Search engines also count links pointing to your webpage as indicators of "relevance." However, SEs are wise to the fact that people spam the web with links trying to boost their page's relevance. Therefore, not every link helps, and search engines don't tell us which links they count, or even how many they're actually counting.

Many SEO experts treat linkbuilding as the holy grail of SEO, and spend all their time doing it. Linkbuilding is a powerful form of SEO, but it's not the only kind of SEO, and it takes more time and effort than on-page optimization.

san jose seo expert

san jose seo expert