San Francisco City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding- A great place to host your wedding ceremony

San Francisco is one of the best cities in the world for planning a City Hall wedding. It's no wonder people love to travel here for fun and pleasure and when you consider getting married here as well it be a really great decision. The weather can fluctuate but what stays the same are the beautiful views (there are 47 hills in a tiny city of seven miles by seven miles!) and the amazing historic landmarks.

Couples who travel to get married here usually have one thing in common - they love the architecture and the stunning view of City Hall. There's an infinite number of wedding photographs you'll find when you lookup this venue and what you'll find consistently among these photos is the classic elegance and style of this beautiful building.

Wedding limos are now considered a necessity for a marriage requirement, alongside all the other wedding elements, things like wedding invitations, wedding flowers arrangements, a wedding cake, a wedding photographer and wedding videographer to name a few. Wedding limousines in its purest sense, are there to transport the bride and groom from the church to the photo venue and ultimately to the banquet hall.

That was the tradition that stood the test of time; however, in the last ten years or so, wedding limos have increased in the type of fleet and amount of vehicles at the wedding. If you are like many brides, you are probably planning on hiring a limousine company to transport you to your wedding. But hiring a limo is a costly affair and when the wedding season is on. Besides, availability becomes a problem. Therefore planning is a must.

Wedding Limos are an essential part of any wedding, especially in the 21st century. Before 1999, limos and particularly, wedding limos, were something of a status symbol, used only by a higher class of individual and only on special occasions. However, with the turn of the millennium, things have changed.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

If you want to get married at this wedding venue you'll want to register online for two appointments: one for your marriage license and a second appointment for your actual ceremony. Your license can be scheduled for up to ninety days in advance of the ceremony and your actual even can take place from 9:30am to 3:30pm. It's usually done on top of the grand staircase in an area called The Rotunda. This area is circular and has beautiful light coming down through one of many skylights that light up the building on a bright day.

Wedding Photography at City Hall

There's something magical about getting married in the same building where Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio. The building was completely destroyed during the 1906 earthquake. It was later rebuilt to be much stronger so as to withstand such events in the future. On any given weekday you'll find many, many tourists and visitors who are taking in the grand sights and beautiful views of this structure.

The Fourth Floor balcony at City Hall has some of the best light for photography in the venue. You'll see gorgeous, large windows that illuminate the entire balcony in flattering light. Portraits can be easily done on this floor, or you can actually reserve the entire balcony for a private ceremony. In this case, they'll give you an hour of time and they'll even bring out the chairs for your wedding guests. This can be a great way to have an economical wedding while still doing a very fancy event.

The area around San Francisco City Hall is called the Civic Center and when you arrive you'll want to park in the underground garage right in front fo the building. Finding street parking can be difficult. City Hall has two entrances one from the plaza side the other entrance is from Van Ness Avenue. There is a beautiful row of trees right in front where couples often take additional wedding photographs.

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Some of the other beautiful locations you can go to in San Francisco include the Palace of Fine Arts, Baker Beach, Golden Gate Park, and the North Beach area. Popular landmarks can be really crowded such as Fisherman's Wharf but other locations can be relatively quiet during the weekdays. This is a city that welcomes travelers and you'll be hard pressed to find a more exciting destination.