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What to Expect

Events are the bread and butter of what Circle K is - you came here do to stuff! In general, events come in a handful flavors: Service, Social, Kiwanis Family(K-Fam), District, and Family Competition.

Service: A normal community service event. One of our board members (or a kind general members) will drive you out to a site (if the event isn't on-campus) and you'll do a community service project for a few hours. If you need any accomodations, just ask Inji Hankala what we can do for you. Usually, just wear comfortable clothes and an read-to-work attitude and you're all set!

Social: An organized hangout where all the members come out and do something for fun... this can range from hiking to camping to getting food. Direct any questions about these to AJ Dela Cruz. While we will start at a certain time, usually the end times will not be definite - ask any board member at attendance if you need to leave early. Bring some money for food and you should be fine.

Kiwanis Family (K-Fam): An event where you meet go to meetings for other Kiwanian clubs (Kiwanis for grown-ups, Key Club for high-schoolers, Circle K for collegers, K-Kids/KYDS Club for elementary kids, and Builder's Club for Middle-Schoolers). Contact Lexy Strom for any questions you may have!

District: The largest events that Circle K does - these usually involve all the schools in the CNH (Cali-Nevada-Hawaii) district in a place usually a few hours away from here. Bring comfortable clothes (preferably CKI apparrel) and an open mind and it should be a good time.

Family Competition: Cute events where your "family" (sign up for one!) goes head-to-head against the other ones. Expect to have a good time!

Special: An SDSU CKI event that is just that: a special occasion. Try to come out to these!

Service Event

Wednesday, December 5th, 4:30-6:30

1250 Sixth Avenue

Service Event

Saturday, December 8, 9AM-Noon

Grossmont Center, La Mesa

Service Event

Saturday, December 15th, 8:30-11:30AM

120 Elm Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Service Event

Sunday, December 16th, 9-11AM

2275 Mendocino Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92107