About Us

What Exactly Is Circle K?

Circle K International, or CKI for short, is the collegiate version of Kiwanis, an international service organization (if you've heard of Rotary or Lions, we are the same sort of club). We emphasize 3 core tenets: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship.

Service: CKI is committed to providing exceptional abilities in serving our community and the members that it consists of. We strive to help anybody in need in order to "realize mankind's potential."

Leadership: All members of CKI are entitled to multiple opportunities to develop their skills in directing efforts towards a brighter future. We strive to help you help other people - every step of the way.

Fellowship: By joining Circle K, you are immediately recognized as a friend of everybody in the any CKI club, nationwide! Through shared experiences and positive interactions with fellow Kiwanians, we hope you build some bonds and feel a little less alone out here.

We don't bite :)