The Queen of Egypt

It’s about 5000 years ago and Egypt is a mess! The royal dynasty has been overthrown and the usurper king has already been murdered. His children have divided the kingdom and both have fallen under foreign domination. The Celestials, a race of aliens that nurtured the Egyptian civilization, have had a delegation of their heralds kidnapped and are threatening retribution.

Meanwhile, the heiress of the overthrown dynasty, Princess Merit, along with her boyfriend, former palace guard Roma, his friend Moeris, and the high priest Amasis are leading the Free Army to regain her throne and restore peace to the kingdom. But both sides have powerful magic and mythological creatures at their disposal. Can Egypt survive?

In this exciting sequel to The Heiress of Egypt. it is all out war between the competing princesses: Merit, heiress to the dethroned Pharaoh and Hamees, daughter of the usurper. Which one will end up The Queen of Egypt?

The Heiress of Egypt

Egypt, a land so rich in myth, its origins are not fully known. But there are stories—stories that the earliest Egyptians were taught civilization by celestial beings.

Thousands of years later, at a time when the Great Pyramids of Geza were still shiny and new, legendary creatures flourished, and high priests still controlled the magical substance left by the Celestials called Kairemi. But it’s also a time of treachery as one Pharaoh is brutally overthrown, and his entire family slaughtered, save one young daughter, Merit, who escapes into hiding. The hedonistic new Royal Family have their own struggles, with King Varis maneuvering to place his daughter, Hamees, on the throne after him, setting aside his own son.

It’s also a time of heroes, like Roma, a former palace guard turned defender of Princess Merit. He receives a great prophecy and must use it to determine Egypt’s fate by pooling all her legendary resources to ensure the throne, and control of the Kairemi, goes to the correct Heiress of Egypt. But is that Merit or Hamees?