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Free samples serve a crucial purpose for businesses. By offering shoppers samples, companies are placing the product directly in consumers’ hands—free of charge—in hopes they’ll purchase the product after trying it. Plus, delighting people with freebies is great for brand loyalty.

Some companies will offer product testing. As they develop a new product they want to receive feedback from consumers before they spend a ton of money on the product. As a tester you will receive products and try them and then answer questions that the manufacturer wants answered.

Giveaways are a fun way to win free stuff. Everything from gift cards to makeup, food, and even clothes. There is usually very little effort involved in signing up for a giveaway.

Pro Tip

****You can use different email addresses, gmail email is free to sign up, to enter a giveaway multiple times.****

We strive to provide up to date information about giveaways and freebies. Please enjoy and feel free to sign up for as many of these offers as you like.