Samia Abid

Hi Everyone! I am Samia Abid from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. I have done my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from government college, Mirpur. Then, I received MCS degree from Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST). Recently, I have completed my Master's degree in Computer Science MS(CS) from COMSATS institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently, I am working as a research associate in Comsence Lab in the computer science department of COMSATS, Islamabad. My research interest inlcude energy management of microgrids using optimization techniques.


  1. IEEE Systems Journal
  2. Communication over Sensors (ComSense) Research Lab, COMSATS, Islamabad.


Research Associate at Control Automotive and Robotics Lab, Mirpur University of Science and Technology

Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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