Samantha Grimes

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#103563)

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, which means I specialize in the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

Do you find yourself repeating old patterns? Want to heal old wounds but don't know how? Do you feel stuck and unsatisfied with your relationships?

I have clinical experience working with treating individuals navigating early sobriety, coping with life transitions, and those who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, and depression.

I also treat couples who are adjusting to life after substance abuse treatment.

My Therapeutic Approach

My approach is warm, person-centered, empathetic, and curious. I believe that everyone is doing their best with the tools they have. It's my job to help you find the barriers that get in your way of being your best self. I provide a compassionate space for authentic growth. We work together to identify patterns that keep you stuck, try out new ways to show up for yourself, and explore options for change. With self compassion, self awareness, support, and connection, it can be easier to deal with life's challenges. My work with clients is psychodynamically informed, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness. However, I work eclectically and collaboratively so we will come up with a treatment plan that works best for you.

My Experience

I have received my Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology (the study of human societies, cultures, and development) from UC Santa Barbara with a minor in Applied Psychology. I received my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University.

I have gained clinical skills at a variety of settings including: K-12 schools, outpatient clinics, a hospital for substance abuse disorders and high acuity concerns, inpatient treatment facilities, and residential facilities. I have worked primarily with adults in substance abuse treatment and their families for the past four years.


How long are sessions?

Sessions are generally 50 minutes for individual sessions and 90 minutes for couples sessions and group therapy.

Do you accept insurance?

I am not currently accepting insurance although my fees may be reimbursable by your insurance through out of network benefits. My fees for individual sessions are $150, couples sessions are $225, and group therapy sessions are $40.

Am I going to be in therapy forever?

No, my goal is help you get to where you want to be as quickly as possible. To do this, it is recommended that we meet weekly, however exceptions can be made.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows you to develop more satisfying relationships, uncover old ideas about the past that no longer serve you, identify unhelpful patterns, feel your feelings without being overwhelmed by them, and learn about your strengths while growing them.

Online sessions are available in the state of California if it fits your needs.

Couples Therapy

I offer weekly and bi-weekly sessions for couples that want more intimacy, connection, and better communication. We explore how to meet emotional needs, understanding the content beneath the argument, and finding ways to connect with and understand one another.

Couples therapy helps couples practice attunement, forgiveness when you don't quite connect, curiosity, and learn new warm and responsive interaction patterns to replace the old.

Group Therapy

I am currently in the process of putting together an adult women's process group.

Process groups help with emotional and relational development.

This article in the NY Times Why Group Therapy Works may help you understand how you might benefit from group therapy.

Start date TBD.

Contact Me

Address: 23121 Verdugo Drive, Suite 200, Laguna Hills CA.


Phone Number: (562) 270-4037