Sam Miri based in Mountain View, is the Senior Vice President (SVP) Omnichannel Strategy  at Bally’s Interactive. An accomplished executive and entrepreneur, Miri has held numerous roles in marketing, sales and product management throughout his career.

Sam Miri is a results-driven professional with an unwavering passion for lifelong learning.  In 1995, Miri completed his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Engineering & Mathematics from Santa Clara University.  A proud Santa Clara alum, the entrepreneur and engineer will always be a Bronco at heart!

Sam Miri is fluent in both English and French.  In the future, he intends to learn more languages.  Passionate about the study of language, Miri is proud to be bilingual.  In his opinion, it is inherently important that all entrepreneurs pursue the learning of a language separate from their native tongue.  The possibilities unlocked by this particular learning process are absolutely limitless!  He hopes to work with entrepreneurship-focused educational initiatives that promote that very idea. 

Sam Miri Santa Clara University
Sam Miri Executive Leader

Sam Miri presently stands as the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Omnichannel Strategy.  He previously stood as Vice President (VP) of Gamification & Sensor Technology at Bally’s Interactive.  An accomplished executive leader, Miri has held numerous leadership roles throughout his 20+ career in sales, marketing, product management and engineering.  Previous roles maintained by Miri include:

Sam Miri is the current Vice President of Gamifications & Sensor Technology at Bally's Interactive, an all-new interactive gaming division of the Bally's casino-entertainment brand.  In his role as VP, Miri is hands-on in the implementation and management of Bally's new sports betting, gaming and game watching projects. 

Sam Miri Bally's Interactive

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