Sam Fillingane is an Osteopathic Medicine Specialist. As the medical correspondent for Straight To The Heart, he worked to educate the public about heart health and other chronic conditions.

Throughout his career, Samuel Filligane has developed various areas of expertise. With a focus on Osteopathic Medicine, he specializes in numerous conditions that relate directly to conditions of the vascular system, including:

  • Genetic Disorders

  • Mental Health Disorders

  • Autoimmune Disorders

Above all else, Fillingane maintains a focus of educating the public, and his patients, about osteopathic risk reduction. When treating his patients, he is always certain to assess all factors at play. With this in mind, he often calls on his various areas of specialization to pinpoint an exact cause of a medical issue. In turn, this helps him to establish effective and sustainable treatment options.

Samuel Fillingane
Sam Fillingane - Straight To The Heart

Straight To The Heart was an informative medical television program that aired weekly on My Family TV Network. Joined by fellow host, Russ Robinson, Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO reported in as the program’s medical expert. Launched in 2013, Straight To The Heart covered a wide variety of topics throughout its 40+ episode airing. Topics included how to reduce risk, make healthy choices with food and how to better understand and treat autoimmune disorders. Calling on real life examples, each episode aimed to effectively promote health and wellness through education and communication.