Group publications

Short authorlist papers or LIGO-VIRGO (LVC) with direct involvement. 

"Constraining high-redshift stellar-mass primordial black holes with next-generation ground-based gravitational-wave detectors" , [astro-ph/2204.11864] ApJL 933 L41 (2022) 

"On the single-event-based identification of primordial black hole mergers at cosmological distances" - [astro-ph/2108.07276] - ApJL 931 L12 (2022) 

"The orientations of the binary black holes in GWTC-3"[gr-qc/2204.00968] 

"Inferring the properties of a population of compact binaries in presence of selection effects" [astro-ph/2007.05579]  Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy. Springer, Singapore.  

"Hints of spin-orbit resonances in the binary black hole population" - [astro-ph/2107.09693]  - PRL 128 031101 (2022) 

"Measuring binary black hole orbital-plane spin orientations" - [astro-ph/2107.09692]  - PRD 105 024045 (2022) 

"The first five years of gravitational-wave astrophysics" - [gr-qc/2011.03563]  Science 372, eabc7397 (2021) 

"Statistical and systematic uncertainties in extracting the source properties of neutron star - black hole binaries with gravitational waves" [gr-qc/2005.11850] PRD 103 083001 (2021) 

"Searching for ultralight bosons within spin measurements of a population of binary black hole mergers"  - [gr-qc/1908.02312] PRD 103 063010 (2021) 

"Source properties of the lowest signal-to-noise-ratio binary black hole detections" - [gr-qc/2003.04513] PRD 102 103024 (2020)

"Astrophysical implications of GW190412 as a remnant of a previous black-hole merger"  - [astro-ph/2005.04243]  Phys.Rev. Lett.125 101103 (2020)

"You Can't Always Get What You Want: The Impact of Prior Assumptions on Interpreting GW190412" [astro-ph/2006.11293] ApJL 899 1 (2020) 

"GW190814: Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 23 Solar Mass Black Hole with a 2.6 Solar Mass Compact Object" [astro-ph/2006.12611] ApJL 896, 2 

"Bayesian inference for compact binary coalescences with BILBY: Validation and application to the first LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave transient catalogue" [astro-ph/2006.00714]

"Pi from the sky -- A null test of general relativity from a population of gravitational wave observations" -  [gr-qc/2005.05472]

"Inference of the neutron star equation of state from cosmological distances - [gr-qc/2004.11334]

"Quantifying the Effect of Power Spectral Density Uncertainty on Gravitational-Wave Parameter Estimation for Compact Binary Sources" - [astro-ph/2004.05149] , PRD 102 023008 (2020)

"Extracting the Gravitational Recoil from Black Hole Merger Signals" - [gr-qc/2002.00296], PRL 124 101104 (2020)

"Ready for what lies ahead? – Gravitational waveform accuracy requirements for future ground based detectors" [gr-qc/1912.10055] - PRR 2 023151 (2020)

"Noise spectral estimation methods and their impact on gravitational wave measurement of compact binary mergers" - [gr-qc/1907.06540], PRD 100 104004 (2019)

"On combining information from multiple gravitational wave sources" - [astro-ph/1903.11008], PRD 99 124044 (2019)

"Equation-of-state insensitive relations after GW170817"[gr-qc/1903.03909], PRD 99 083016 (2019)

Articles with the LIGO-Virgo collaborations

      I am co-author of the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration papers since ~ 2012 (that is, from item 61 of the list here)