Most people are pretty sure they know the story of Christmas. There’s a baby, and a manger, and some sheep, and Santa, and — well, it’s something like that. But there’s a problem with seeing the story of Jesus’ birth as just another story from the Bible.

The story of Christmas isn’t just one of many stories in Scripture – it’s part of The Story – the big story of God and His relationship with His creation.

In this 4-week video series, we'll see how the birth of Jesus changed the story of humanity forever in a way that was completely unexpected, undeserved, unbelievable, and undeniable.

Our prayer is that this series will help prepare your heart for Christmas.

The Problem With Christmas Part 1

Questions to think about this week:

1. When you were little, what did you know about the Christmas story?

2. Did hearing the Christmas story in its full context change how you think or feel about the Christmas story? How?

3. After hearing the Christmas story in its fun context, did anything surprise you? Did you learn anything new? Do you have any questions?

4. Read John 1:1-3. What does this passage reveal about Jesus? Why does this matter?

5. Why do you think the birth of Jesus was so unexpected at the time?

6. How was Jesus' birth a sign of God's grace?

The Problem With Christmas Part 2

If you need to talk as a result of this video, please email me at I would love to talk with you.

Things to think about:

  1. Have you ever gotten lost? What happened?
  2. What do you think it means to be spiritually lost?
  3. How is being spiritually lost like a little kids getting lost at the mall?
  4. How does Jesus dins and save us from being spiritually lost?
  5. Spiritually, whick of these kids do you most realte to: the kid who know's they're lost, the kids who's lost but doesn't know it, or the kids who's lost but doesn't care? Why?
  6. Have you ever felt spiritually hungry?
  7. Read Isaiah 53:6. In what ways have you personally gone astray?
  8. How have you tried to satisfy your spiritual hunger pangs? Did it work?
  9. What's one way you're going to approach this Christmas season differently as a result of Part 2 of this series?
  10. What's one thing you can do today to respond to God's undeserved gift of Jesus?