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Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Being a digital medium, web design is a greater subject to shifts in technology as compared to its traditional print predecessors. It seems overwhelming how web designers have continued to deal with the ever-increasing technical challenges and create websites that are clear, innovative, user-friendly, adaptable to every device, consistent with the trending corporate style, and plain beautiful at once. 2017 witnessed numerous advancements, such as mobile usage surpassing desktop browsing. This implies that 2018 will fully use mobile functionality in ways we have not seen previously. Here are some of the notable web design trends set to take over in 2018.

1. Mobile first

As stated earlier, mobile browsing is far beyond desktop browsing. Close to everyone these days does their shopping on a smartphone. Consequently, mobile design has matured and designers can now reduce menus to accommodate small screens. While you will need to dump the large and beautiful photos a client sends in the mobile version, icons are now becoming more economical in terms of space and are now so common that users do not have trouble understanding them.

2. Particle backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are an excellent solution to the performance issues that most websites run into with video backgrounds. These animations are just lightweight JavaScript that let movement to be developed just as a natural aspect of the background without taking ages to load. Particle backgrounds instantly attract a user’s attention to a brand can create a memorable impression for itself in just a matter of seconds. Moreover, motion graphics are becoming popular on social media, offering eye-popping leads back to your landing pages.

3. Vibrant, saturated color schemes

2018 is obviously going to be a year of excess colors online. While designers and brands were previously stuck with web-safe colors, most of them are now being courageous with their approach to color which includes vibrant and supersaturation shades combined with headers that are reimagined with hard angles and slashes.

This has been partly attributed to the technological advancements in gadgets with screens which are ideal for reproducing sharper colors. Vibrant and clashing colors could be handy for the newer brands that are looking to instantly catch the attention of their visitors. Moreover, these color options are excellent for the brands that are looking to move away from the traditional and web-safe colors.

2018 is obviously going to be one of the most fun years with regard to web design. All you can do is sit back and see what web designers will come up with and how they can push their limits.