Lesson 21 第二十一课

God gave Isaac and delivered Isaac from death.

Scripture: Genesis 21:1-3 & Genesis 22:1-19

1. God fulfilled His promise to give Abraham and Sarah a son.

Nothing is too hard for God.

Even though Abraham and Sarah were too old to have children, God had promised to give them a son. By this time, Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was90. Sarah had never had a child, and it was naturally impossible for her to have a child at her age. But nothing is impossible with God. God does everything Hewants to do.

God keeps His promises.

Many years had passed since God first promised to give Abraham a son, but God had not forgotten His promise. God did not change His mind.

Sarah had a son just as God had promised. Abraham and Sarah named their son Isaac.

Read Genesis 21:1-3.

The Lord was gracious to Sarah, just as he had said he would be. He did for Sarah what he had promised to do. 2 Sarah became pregnant. She had a son by Abraham when he was old. He was born at the exact time God had promised him.

3 Abraham gave the name Isaac to the son Sarah had by him.

耶和华按着先前的话眷顾撒拉,便照他所说的给撒拉成就。 2 当亚伯拉罕年老的时候,撒拉怀了孕,到神所说的日期就给亚伯拉罕生了一个儿子。3 亚伯拉罕给撒拉所生的儿子起名叫以撒。

God gives life to all people.

God had the authority and power to give Abraham and Sarah a son because He is the creator of all people and all things. He gave life to your ancestors, and Hegave life to you and your children. Because God gives life to everyone, everyone rightfully belongs to God.

2. God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

Many years passed, and Isaac grew to be a young man.

Isaac’s father and mother loved him.

Abraham believed that all of God’s promises about the coming Deliverer would be fulfilled through Isaac and his descendants.

One day, God told Abraham to do something very astonishing; His command was out of the ordinary and would be very difficult to obey.

Read Genesis 22:1-2.

Some time later God put Abraham to the test. He said to him, “Abraham!”

“Here I am,” Abraham replied.

2 Then God said, “Take your son, your only son. He is the one you love. Take Isaac. Go to Moriah. Give him to me there as a burnt offering. Sacrifice him on one of the mountains I will tell you about.”

这些事以后,神要试验亚伯拉罕,就呼叫他说:“亚伯拉罕!”他说:“我在这里。” 2 神说:“你带着你的儿子,就是你独生的儿子,你所爱的以撒,往摩利亚地去,在我所要指示你的山上,把他献为燔祭。”

God had the authority to command Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

To whom did Isaac belong? Perhaps you think that Isaac belonged to Abraham, because he was Abraham’s son. But think about this: Who gave Isaac hislife? Who gave Isaac to Abraham and Sarah? God did! Therefore, Isaac belonged to God.

God gave Isaac his life, and God gave you life. In addition, God sustains your life. He makes trees grow so you can build houses. He makes fruit andvegetables grow so you can eat. God gives life to every person and every living thing so God has authority over all people and all things.

• God was testing Abraham.

Read Genesis 22:1-2 again.

Some time later God put Abraham to the test. He said to him, “Abraham!”

“Here I am,” Abraham replied.

2 Then God said, “Take your son, your only son. He is the one you love. Take Isaac. Go to Moriah. Give him to me there as a burnt offering. Sacrifice him on one of the mountains I will tell you about.”

这些事以后,神要试验亚伯拉罕,就呼叫他说:“亚伯拉罕!”他说:“我在这里。” 2 神说:“你带着你的儿子,就是你独生的儿子,你所爱的以撒,往摩利亚地去,在我所要指示你的山上,把他献为燔祭。”

What a shock this must have been to Abraham!

Whom did Abraham love the most – God or Isaac? Would Abraham obey God? Or would he protect his son?

3. Abraham believed God.

Think about this: If Abraham obeyed God and sacrificed Isaac, how could God fulfill His promises to Abraham? Isaac would be dead, and if Isaac was dead,he would not have any descendants. Had God decided that the Deliverer would not be one of Isaac’s descendants? Had God changed His mind?

Abraham did not doubt or question God. He knew that God would not lie. He knew that God would not make promises and then change His mind. Abraham trusted God and believed that God would still keep His word.

God is not like people who make promises but easily break them. You know that people often make promises but do not keep them.

God is not like people. He always does what He promises to do, and He does it completely and exactly at the time He said He would.

Abraham believed that God would do what He said. Abraham believed that even if he did kill Isaac in obedience to God, God would raise Isaac from the dead.He trusted God to do this even though it is impossible to man.

Abraham responded differently than Adam and Eve had. In the garden in Eden, God had told Adam that he must not eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledgeof good and evil. God said that if Adam did eat it, he would die. When Satan said that they wouldn’t die, Adam and Eve believed Satan. They doubted the wordof God, and they disobeyed Him. Adam and Eve did not believe God, but Abraham did. Abraham believed God would do exactly as He promised.

Because Abraham believed and trusted in God, he immediately made preparations to go and sacrifice Isaac in the place where God promised to lead him.

Read Genesis 22:3-5.

3 Early the next morning Abraham got up. He put a saddle on his donkey. He took two of his servants and his son Isaac with him. He cut enough wood for the burnt offering. Then he started out for the place God had told him about.

4 On the third day Abraham looked up. He saw the place a long way off. 5 He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey. The boy and I will go over there and worship. Then we’ll come back to you.”

3 亚伯拉罕清早起来,备上驴,带着两个仆人和他儿子以撒,也劈好了燔祭的柴,就起身往神所指示他的地方去了。 4 到了第三日,亚伯拉罕举目远远地看见那地方。 5 亚伯拉罕对他的仆人说:“你们和驴在此等候,我与童子往那里去拜一拜,就回到你们这里来。”

4. Abraham and Isaac went to make the sacrifice to God.

Isaac questioned Abraham.

Read Genesis 22:6-8.

6 Abraham put the wood for the burnt offering on his son Isaac. He himself carried the fire and the knife. The two of them walked on together.

7 Then Isaac spoke up. He said to his father Abraham, “Father?”

“Yes, my son?” Abraham replied.

“The fire and wood are here,” Isaac said. “But where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

8 Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” The two of them walked on together.

6 亚伯拉罕把燔祭的柴放在他儿子以撒身上,自己手里拿着火与刀,于是二人同行。 7 以撒对他父亲亚伯拉罕说:“父亲哪!”亚伯拉罕说:“我儿,我在这里。”以撒说:“请看,火与柴都有了,但燔祭的羊羔在哪里呢?” 8 亚伯拉罕说:“我儿,神必自己预备做燔祭的羊羔。”于是二人同行。

Isaac knew that they were going to make a sacrifice to God, but he could not understand why they had not taken a sheep with them to sacrifice.

Abraham had not told Isaac what God had told him to do.

Abraham answered Isaac.

Read Genesis 22:8 again.

8 Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” The two of them walked on together.

8 亚伯拉罕说:“我儿,神必自己预备做燔祭的羊羔。”于是二人同行。

Abraham trusted God to provide a suitable animal to be sacrificed.

Believing God is the most important thing that we can do. Just listening to God’s message will not help us. We must accept God’s words by believing them with our hearts and trusting in Him.

Merely listening to God’s Word will not help you.

You must accept God’s Word in your heart and believe it.

If you merely listen to God’s words but do not believe them, you are showing that you think that God is a liar. When Satan spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden,he deceived her into thinking that God was a liar. God had said that Adam would die if he ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Satan saidthat Adam would not die. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they were showing that they thought God was a liar.

God will never accept those who refuse to believe Him. God accepts those who believe what He says and trust only in Him, as Abraham did.

• Abraham bound Isaac.

Read Genesis 22:9-10.

Isaac could not escape.

He was tied to the altar, and Abraham had lifted up the knife to kill him. God had commanded Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, and there was no way forIsaac to escape after he was bound to the altar.

There is no escape from God’s judgment, unless God provides the way of escape.

We have already learned that this is true through the stories we have read in the Word of God.

o In the days of Noah, the people who did not believe God could not escape from the flood after God shut the door of the boat. But Noah and his family and all the animals and birds were safe inside the boat because God had provided the only way they could be saved. Only God could save Noah and his family from the flood.

o In the same way, the wicked people in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah could not escape when God rained down fire on them. There was no escape for Lot’s wife when she disobeyed God and looked back at the city of Sodom. But Lot and his daughters were safe because God provided the way for them toescape before He rained down fire on the cities. Only God could save Lot and his daughters from the fire which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

God is the only Savior.

o God saved Noah and his family from the flood.

o God saved Lot from the fire which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

o God was the only One who could save Isaac from death on the altar of sacrifice.

We cannot save ourselves.

Think about this: Is there any way that we can save ourselves from death? Can we save ourselves from God’s judgment? No! We are sinners, and God will punishall sin. We cannot escape from God’s judgment unless God provides the way, just as Isaac could not escape unless God provided the way.

Isaac was bound on the altar and Abraham was ready to kill him. Isaac could not escape. Do you think God saved Isaac? Let’s read God’s Book to see whathappened.

5. God provided a ram to take Isaac’s place.

Read Genesis 22:10-12.

10 Then he reached out his hand. He took the knife to kill his son.

11 But the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven. He said, “Abraham! Abraham!”

“Here I am,” Abraham replied.

12 “Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you have respect for God. You have not held back from me your son, your only son.”

10 亚伯拉罕就伸手拿刀,要杀他的儿子。 11 耶和华的使者从天上呼叫他说:“亚伯拉罕!亚伯拉罕!”他说:“我在这里。” 12 天使说:“你不可在这童子身上下手,一点不可害他。现在我知道你是敬畏神的了,因为你没有将你的儿子,就是你独生的儿子,留下不给我。”

God saved Isaac.

God told Abraham not to kill Isaac.

Isaac couldn’t be saved, however, unless there was another suitable sacrifice to offer to God. Abraham and Isaac hadn’t brought an animal with them tosacrifice. Abraham could not provide a sacrifice to take the place of Isaac, but God could!

• God graciously provided a ram for Abraham to offer as a sacrifice instead of Isaac.

Read Genesis 22:13.

13 Abraham looked up. There in a bush he saw a ram. It was caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram. He sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son.

13 亚伯拉罕举目观看,不料,有一只公羊,两角扣在稠密的小树中。亚伯拉罕就取了那只公羊来,献为燔祭,代替他的儿子。

God caused the ram to be caught by its horns in the bush. If it had been caught by any other part of its body, it would have injured itself by struggling to get free. If it had been injured, it would not have been an acceptable offering to God. God would only accept a healthy, strong animal as a sacrifice. Because God isperfect, He will only accept what is perfect.

The ram became Isaac’s substitute.

Abraham took Isaac off the altar and put the ram on the altar. Abraham killed the ram and burned it as an offering to God. God saved Isaac by providing the ramto die instead of him.

God kept His promise to Abraham. Through Isaac, God would give Abraham many descendants.

6. Abraham trusted God to send the Deliverer.

Abraham believed God would provide the Deliverer.

Read Genesis 22:14-19.

14 So Abraham named that place The Lord Will Provide. To this day people say, “It will be provided on the mountain of the Lord.”

15 The angel of the Lord called out to Abraham from heaven a second time. 16 He said, “I am taking an oath in my own name. I will bless you because of what you have done,” announces the Lord. “You have not held back your son, your only son.

17 “So I will certainly bless you. I will make your children after you as many as the stars in the sky. I will make them as many as the grains of sand on the seashore. Your children will take over the cities of their enemies. 18 All nations on earth will be blessed because of your children. All of that will happen because you have obeyed me.”

19 Then Abraham returned to his servants. They started out together for Beersheba. And Abraham stayed in Beersheba.

14 亚伯拉罕给那地方起名叫耶和华以勒,直到今日人还说:“在耶和华的山上必有预备。” 15 耶和华的使者第二次从天上呼叫亚伯拉罕说: 16 “耶和华说:‘你既行了这事,不留下你的儿子,就是你独生的儿子,我便指着自己起誓说: 17 论福,我必赐大福给你;论子孙,我必叫你的子孙多起来,如同天上的星,海边的沙;你子孙必得着仇敌的城门; 18 并且地上万国都必因你的后裔得福,因为你听从了我的话。’” 19 于是亚伯拉罕回到他仆人那里,他们一同起身往别是巴去,亚伯拉罕就住在别是巴。

Abraham named the place where God provided the ram “The Lord will provide.” God had provided a ram to die instead of Isaac, and Abraham believed that God would also provide the Deliverer to rescue mankind from the power of Satan and from the punishment of sin.


1. Why was God able to give Abraham and Sarah a son even though it was naturally impossible for them to have children at their age?

2. Why did God have the authority to command Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice?

3. Did Abraham think that God had changed His mind about Isaac being the father of a great nation and the forefather of the Deliverer?

4. What did Abraham think God would do after Isaac had been sacrificed?

5. Once Abraham had bound Isaac to the altar, was there any way Isaac could escape from death?

6. Is there any way you can save yourself from the payment of death and everlasting punishment which you deserve because of your sins?

7. Who saved Isaac from death?

8. Could anyone else have saved Isaac from death?

9. Who provided a sacrifice to take Isaac’s place?

10. Why was it important that the ram was held in the bush by its horns so that it would not be injured?

11. Why did Abraham name the place where God provided the ram “The Lord will provide”?