Lessons By Rev. John


Lesson 1: “The Bible tells us what God is like and that He alone existed before everything and everyone else”

Lesson 2: “God created the spirits. God created the heavens and the earth”

Lesson 3: “God revealed His nature and attributes through His creative acts (Days 1-3)”

Lesson 4: “God revealed His nature and attributes through His creative acts (Days 4-6)”

Lesson 5: “God created Adam”

Lesson 6: “God placed Adam in Eden”

Lesson 7: “God told Adam not to eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”

Lesson 8: “God created a wife for Adam”

Lesson 11: “God judged Adam and placed a curse on the earth; and He promised to send a deliverer”

Lesson 14: “The Bible tells about Cain's descendants and Seth’s descendants”

Lesson 15: “God said He would punish the world, but He promised to save Noah and all who entered the boat”

Lesson 16: “God destroyed everyone in the world except Noah and his family who were in the boat”

Lesson 17: “God scattered the rebels at the tower of Babel”

Lesson 18: “God chose Abram and guided him to Canaan”

Lesson 19: “God renewed His promises to Abram”

Lesson 20: “God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah”

Lesson 21: “God gave Isaac and lelivered Isaac from death”

Lesson 22: “God chose Jacob and rejected Esau”

Lesson 23: “God guided and protected Joseph”

Lesson 24: “God promoted Joseph” “God took Jacob’s family into Egypt”

Lesson 25: "God preserved the Israelites and protected Moses"

Lesson 26: "God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery"

Lesson 27: "The Lord sent plagues on the Egyptians"

Lesson 28: "God killed the firstborn of the Egyptians, but He saved the firstborn of the Israelites"

Lesson 29: "God delivered the Israelites at the Red Sea"

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