Our Schools


We are a primary school in Swinton, which moved into a state-of-the art building in September 2013. We are situated on a campus which we share with Moorside High School and The Deans Youth Centre. As such we have some fantastic facilities available to us which help to encourage, embed and promote the learning and development of all of our pupils.

In everything we do, we set high expectations for all pupils under our care and guidance. As a result, we ensure all pupils develop a love for learning – in the classroom; at our after-school clubs; on educational trips and on our many residentials.

Our pupils are incredibly precious to us and we understand how important it is that they develop as happy, well-rounded individuals. We enjoy working alongside our parents to enable their children to thrive here as they become successful and engaged young people.

Every member of ‘Team Moorside’ is proudly committed to our aim ….. To ensure every child flourishes.

Moorside Community Primary School received a judgement of Good, with Outstanding features, placing it as one of only three schools in Salford with a current leadership team judged as Outstanding.

The quality of care, guidance and support that pupils receive at Moorside is something to be rivalled, with our pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare also judged as Outstanding.

The progress that our children make is something that we are extremely proud of, our progress score for our 2016 results place the school within the top 4% of schools nationally. Moorside was also rated as one of the top 3 schools in Salford, top school within the Swinton / Worsley area and within the top 200 schools nationally in the 2017 Good Schools Guide.


Alder Brook is a 21st century school that values every individual and strives to develop the whole child. Alder Brook provides a safe, nurturing environment for pupils with social and emotional needs whilst ensuring academic progress.

We aim to provide a creative and exciting, inclusive curriculum that all our children enjoy, building their self-confidence and ultimately provide every child with the necessary tools to become successful in the future.”

We have a unique position within the community as a small primary provision. We provide places for pupils who are dual-registered with their mainstream school who attend Alder Brook full-time for a short-term placement to prevent permanent exclusion or attend full-time following permanent exclusion from their mainstream school. We work with children, parents / careers, schools and many professionals to support in the development of the whole child.

Pupils benefit from working in small classes with some 1:1 support and they make excellent academic progress through a creative and inclusive curriculum. We are proud to provide pupils with a safe and nurturing environment and we aim to build pupils self-esteem. We support their social and emotional needs whilst encouraging positive behaviour patterns and equip them with the tools to become successful in the future.

The Primary Inclusion Team, run from Alder Brook (also LewisStreet) providing SEMH outreach, support and training to all Salford primary schools, from September will be the authority leads on TeamTeach and the strategic lead on year 6 to year 7 transitions.


We are incredibly proud of our happy and highly successful school where our pupils thrive and achieve. Our staff and Governors work as a team to support each other and ensure the best outcomes for the children in our care. Our families are supportive and proud of the work we do.

St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School is a smaller than average primary school where the majority of children speak English as a second language. Most families originate from the Yeman and are Arabic speakers. There is a small percentage of Bangladeshi heritage pupils and a small but growing number of pupils from Poland or Czech republic. Around a third of the school population is white British.

The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is above the national average and the local area ranks within the top 16% most deprived in the country. The school has a higher than average number of children with special educational needs.

Children come into early years with knowledge and skills which are typically well below age related expectations but by the time they leave at the age of eleven they are working at or above the national average. This shows that pupils make very good progress through school.

Our school ethos is centred on our Christian and moral values of love, honesty, forgiveness and respect.

Ofsted have rated St Andrew’s as a ‘Good school’ and the Government IQ Initiative identify it as being in the top 100 performing and improving schools in England in 2016. There is a rich learning environment which meet the needs of the whole child and we are proud of the way our pupils behave and achieve.

The support and guidance I have received at St Andrew’s has been invaluable.’ Mrs Dodson, Newly Qualified Teacher.

Staff at this school never give up on our children.’ Mrs Birkett. Parent.

‘Our teachers always help us with any problems we have both in school and out.’ Yusra. Pupil

Teachers help us to be respectful, caring and successful.’ Rowan Pupil

I am incredibly proud of all we achieve here for our staff, pupils and families. It’s a team effort. We have very high expectations and we all work hard, together, to achieve them.’ Karen Leyland. Headteacher

Pupils are rightly proud of their school.’ Ofsted 2016


At The Deans we are proud of the wonderful academic achievements of our pupils, but this is not what defines the children at our school.

We measure our success by the smiles that we see around school as well as by the excellent academic results the children achieve.

It is this balance that makes The Deans such a special place.

This year we are delighted to have received recognition of the values that we live and breathe as we have become a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion.

We understand that a quality education is so much more than an end of key stage assessment, it is about equipping children to go on to their next stage of education as healthy, confident and respectful individuals, who can achieve their best in all areas both individually and as part of a team.

We believe that through close partnership with parents, the hard work of the staff and the enthusiasm of the children, that this is the education afforded to all at The Deans Primary School.​


Working at River View, you will:

· work with fantastic children and their families.

· work alongside an amazing and keen staff.

· receive high quality professional development led by our highly experienced and skilled staff.

· have opportunities to develop your leadership skills as part of a team.

Staff love working here at River View:

"I love my relationships with the staff, children and parents here. Everyone is valued and respected. The leadership team give you opportunities to develop through CPD and understanding. Staff are well supported both personally and professionally." recently qualified teacher

"i am supported and challenged to guide me in my leadership role by experienced staff. The leadership team are forward thinking and keen to develop future leaders." member of the wider leadership team

"returning after maternity leave, the headteacher listened to my needs and supported my return to work on a part time basis. I now have my career and my family time and feel really happy in my role." third year teacher

At River View we organise all we do through four Key Functions which are:

Delivering Lifelong learning

We live in the 21st Century. Preparing children for their lifelong learning journey is central to teaching and learning and we aim to support our learners through a creative, flexible and innovative curriculum which encourages both collaborative working and independent thinkers. The use of technology is central to our working to prepare children for the world in which we live.

Bridging gaps

At River View Primary School all staff work hard to ensure that the children in their care achieve their full potential and access all areas of the curriculum to be successful learners. Staff are aware of the needs of the children and provide additional support and intervention activities to ensure children make expected progress. When children find something difficult, staff plan and deliver activities that will help them to understand and move their learning forward.

Achieving Highest Standards

River View Primary School is committed to achieving the highest standards. Expectations for children’s success are high and this extends to children’s behaviour, attendance, attitudes and support they receive from both home and school. We ensure, through the curriculum, that children receive the highest level of teaching and that they are motivated to learn. We are an inclusive school that is committed to ensuring success, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or physical ability.

Engaging the Whole Community

River View supports the work of community groups and understands the way that they can provide extra support for the life of the school and the community it serves. We actively encourage partnership working that allows children and their families to learn together. River View is at the heart of the local community and we are committed to sustaining partnerships within the local community.


Marlborough Road is a larger than average, two/three form entry primary school, located in Broughton, Salford. The school was judged to be ‘good’, with ‘outstanding leadership and management’ at its last OFSTED inspection. In December 2016, the DFE and Regional Schools Commission agreed that the school does an excellent job for its pupils, despite very challenging circumstances. The school experiences high levels of socio/economic deprivation, pupil mobility and currently has 47 different languages represented. Academically, pupils enter the school well below national expectations for their age, but make rapid progress. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the pupils who attend the school and is therefore focused around the development of basic skills and their application across the curriculum. There is a strong bias towards experiential learning and trips and visits form a central part of what and how things are taught.

The School’s Strengths

One of the biggest strengths of the school is the highly diverse nature of its intake. Staff and pupils are very proud of the harmonious relationships that exist between all members of the school community. Pupils are tolerant of different religions and cultures and celebrate both similarities and differences with enthusiasm and understanding. Pupils and staff are encouraged to bring their experiences and heritage to all aspects of their learning and interaction.

As a result of the many languages spoken by both staff and pupils, the school has developed a strength in the rapid acquisition and development of both spoken and written English. The school has Communication Friendly School status and provides training to other school on strategies for teaching pupils with English as an additional language. All staff are trained in ELKLAN and Read Write Inc. phonics.

A further strength of Marlborough Road Academy, is the work done to support pupils with social and emotional difficulties. Systems are in place to allow pupils to develop the skills needed to access the academic curriculum e.g resilience, working memory, attachment. The school has developed systems for evidencing and tracking pupil progress as they develop their ‘fitness to learn’ and practitioners are skilled in emotion coaching. Key workers are in place across the school and act in a mentoring capacity.

Marlborough Road Academy is proud of the way that the curriculum, staffing and the structure of the day are combined to allow pupils to make connections between different areas of their learning. Pupils work on developing the overarching skills of communication, creativity and problem solving, teamwork and self-management through their work in the classroom, a comprehensive programme of enrichment at lunchtime, jobs and responsibilities undertaken across school and after school clubs. The school reinforces its values in this way.

Staff have also developed an expertise in working collaboratively with one another to improve practice. Highly effective CPD packages are tailored to the needs of individual teachers and support staff. Support is based around a coaching model, backed up by exemplification and research.

How Does The School Represent The Community?

The school works hard to engage the community. Adult training classes are run on the school site and parents/carers are involved in determining the subject matter. The parent body is represented on the school’s governing body. Parents/carers regularly attend parent’s evenings and information sharing sessions at school. Community sports events run include a variety of activities, such as roller skating and dance and school often hosts family cooking sessions.

The school works in partnership with Magic Breakfast and Tesco to provide a free breakfast for families. This is an opportunity for the school community to come together in a shared experience.

Parents/carers are kept informed about events via the school website, which offers translation into the most common languages represented amongst the community and a weekly newsletter. They are invited to the weekly good work assembly. Translation services are used to support the gathering of parent voice and to allow parents who do not speak English to contribute to meetings.