About Us

Douglass, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative agency. We handle sales, training and support for leading manufacturers of construction equipment in the Midwest.



We Call On All Rental Locations

Douglass Incorporated has local salesmen calling in compact territories. They see every location and make sure dealer personnel understand how to use, rent and sell our products.

We Lower Costs

We work several product lines, travel less, and generally work smaller territories than salesmen who handle only one product line. Because of these economies, we are the most cost effective way to sell and support construction equipment. This keeps our costs low, while still providing full-service customer and product support.

We Provide Information

We inform not only about models, performance, specs, price and availability but also about proper use and operation, features and benefits, competitive products, and detailed selling methods. We can hand-deliver, mail, fax, or e-mail this information to customers.

We Respond

We maintain a full-time staff that is always available to respond quickly to your requests for quotes and other information. You will not have to find a salesman in the field or leave a message when you call Douglass.

We Demonstrate

All our salesmen drive trucks -- we tow and show everything we sell. Just let us know what you'd like to see.

We Are Automated

Our field and inside sales operations are fully computerized. Field salesmen travel with laptops. Our technology keeps inside and outside sales on the same page. Better communication makes for faster service.

We Solve Problems

We can help when things do not go smoothly. Let us know if there is a problem or misunderstanding. We have been selling equipment in the Midwest since 1960. When a misunderstanding arises, we will work hard to find a lasting solution for everyone.

We Interface With The Manufacturer

We are the sales force for the manufacturers we represent. We are in contact with multiple departments of our manufacturers on a daily basis. We use their direct extensions, personal e-mail, cell phone numbers and pagers to get your needs handled. You let us know what you need; it is our job to make it happen.

Our Big Catalog

We send, upon request, a nice two-inch ring binder full of color literature, detailed specs and prices for all of our products.

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