Angre Port Launch

SaiTechno Consultants were instrumental in launching the Angre Port.

Seasoned and experienced Master mariner, Capt. A.K. Karkare piloted and berthed the first ship into Angre Port on April 24th 2012!

The launch was a huge achievement for the local community and the Maharashtra State Government.

Enjoy some of the local coverage this momentous event received.

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Marine World Interview - May 2010

We are very excited to announce that Capt. Arun Karkare was interviewed by the prestigious maritime publication "The Marine World" in May 2010.

Scanned images of the article are available at the links provided below.

Click here for Page 1 of the interview.

Click here for Page 2 of the interview

Dhamra Port

Sai Techno Consultants are the Marine Advisors for the Dhamra Port Project.

Sai Techno Consultants docked the first ship into Dhamra port on February 8th 2010!! Refer to our photo gallery or click here to view the ship docked.

Ports and Shipping

Cover Story in Infrastructure Magazine, Jan 2009 Issue.


Sailing factor

CAPT ARUN KARKARE says there are fair indicators that India's Ports and Shipping sector could recover from the economic malaise in 2009