Youth For Christ

Youth for Christ is our youth group for High School students. We have a mixture of regularly scheduled events and sometimes we make things up as we go.

If you are a High School student consider joining our group of teens who gather to play, to pray, and to explore the world together. If you are interested stop by the Youth Center to pick up a permission slip or have your parent or legal guardian stop by to register you.

Open Gym

Almost every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm, we open our gym to kids from 7th grade to 12th grade. Its an opportunity to practice basketball, foosball, or just hang out with other kids from the neighborhood.

Before you can come in, we need a permission slip signed by your parents, so make sure you stop by to pick one up.

Play and Pray

We like being together. That's how our life is. But also, we like pray together. Prayer comes from a part of our heart that we often leave unexplored. Join us as we learn to pray and become a family together.

Saturday Youth Group - Youth for Christ

We mix it up on Saturdays: sometimes a trip to the City for adoration, sometimes a movie night, sometimes a lesson from LIFE TEEN. Join us for Mass at 4pm and hang out until 9pm, gym, dinner, lesson, socialize.

Bike Riding (please don't get hit by a car!)

Getting out of the neighborhood!

Youth 2000! Fearless