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Measure U: City Budget #GiveItBack

Slideshow on history of Sacramento's Measure U: what happened and how the Sac Police department ended up with 51% of Measure U money, why it's wrong, and how you can help ensure that Measure U money goes where it was promised

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Sacramento petitions and email campaigns

Sacramento Police Review Commission Meeting, Wed July 29th

NOTE: You may only leave one comment per agenda item. Public comments are added to the public record.

Comment links to specific agenda items:

  • Item 1: New director of Office of Public Safety Accountability

    • Dr. LaTesha Watson has a background in law enforcement. It is concerning that the sole director of this office would be someone with previous ties to law enforcement. This office, its supervision, and its funding should be separate from the police department. It's funding should come from the current budget allocation allotted for the police department.

    • Item description: "The City Council appointed Dr. LaTesha Watson for the position of Director of the City of Sacramento’s Office of Public Safety Accountability effective June 8, 2020. The Office of Public Safety Accountability provides staffing to the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission. Director LaTesha Watson will introduce herself to commissioners." Link to full agenda item summary.

  • Item 2: Proposals Regarding the Creation of an Inspector General Position and 911 Alternative Response Model – Office of Community Response

    • We fully support Mental Health First Sac and they should be funded. Police officers with guns should not be the response. People with inadequate background or education in de-escalation, conflict resolution, and mental health crises should not be responding to calls. Experience and training in law enforcement is incompatible with the care work that is needed in our communities. This office, its supervision, and its funding should be fully separate from the police department. It's funding should come from the current budget allocation allotted for the police department. Divest from carceral systems and invest in our communities.

    • Item description: "The Sacramento City Council held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. to discuss City of Sacramento Policing Update and Consideration of Policing Reform Proposals. The Sacramento Community Police Review Commission requested an update on the Creation of an Inspector General Position and the 911 Alternative Response Model – Office of Community Response" Link to full agenda item summary.

  • Item 3: MH First Sac and the Anti Police-Terror Project Presentation

    • We fully support Mental Health First Sac and they should be funded. We fully support the Anti Police-Terror Project Sacramento and all of the critically important work they have been doing in and for our communities.

    • Item description: "The Sacramento Community Police Review Commission requested a presentation from MH First, a project of Anti Police-Terror Project Sacramento.
      Per their website (, MH First is a cutting-edge new model for non-police response to mental health crisis. The goal of MH First is to respond to mental health crises including, but not limited to, psychiatric emergencies, substance use disorder support, and domestic violence situations that require victim extraction". Link to full agenda item summary.

  • Item 4: Community Police Review Commission Statement of Action

    • Give the Commission more power than "recommendations" and make sure to fill this commission with COMMUNITY LEADERS not with police officers, or former officers. Prior experience and training in law enforcement is incompatible with the care work that is needed in our communities. If police officers, current or former, want to provide their input they can always present it to the commission, they should not be decision makers on the commission.

    • Item description: "Statement will be received and filed". Link to full agenda item summary.

Special Sac City Council Meeting on Policing July 1st 5pm

NOTE: You may only leave one comment per agenda item. Public comments are added to the public record.You can also submit comment by sending an email to if the links below aren't working.


See and make public comment on the full agenda here

Agenda items of possible interest:

  • Item 1: Policing reform proposal update (comment on Item 1)

  • a: Police dept and advance peace update on gang activity (comment on Item 1a)

    • "The City of Sacramento has recently experienced a spike in gang violence that has not been restricted to any particular neighborhood or section of the city. In response to the uptick, the Sacramento Police Department (SPD) has teamed with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, other local law enforcement agencies, and community partners such as Advanced Peace and Brother to Brother to quell the gang violence as many of the events in the City and the County’s unincorporated areas are linked. The SPD has also taken proactive steps to curb the violence by carrying out extra patrols in affected areas, conducting follow-up investigations, and providing updates on the status of the violence that has been occurring.
      This presentation will provide a variety of data and highlight current and planned efforts to address the violence."

  • b: #8Can'tWait Initiative (comment on Item 1b)

    • "The death of George Floyd has launched a national conversation regarding the role of law enforcement. The City of Sacramento is in the midst of that conversation with its stakeholders, staff and Police Department. This presentation discusses the reform efforts that have been undertaken by the Sacramento Police Department (SPD), to include an overview of how the SPD is meeting the nationally recognized #8Can’tWait recommendations for more restrictive policies on use of force with a goal of reducing lethal police encounters and producing better outcomes for both the public as well as the SPD."

    • Use of Force Policies Currently in Use by the Sacramento Police Department

      • 1.Prohibit Chokeholds

      • 2.Require De-escalation

      • 3.Require Warning Before Shooting

      • 4.Require Exhausting All Alternatives Prior to Shooting

      • 5.Duty to Intervene

      • 6.Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles

      • 7.Require Appropriate Force Selection

      • 8.Require Comprehensive Reporting

    • See full attachments

  • c. Sacramento Community Police Review Commission Recommendations to Improve and Enhance Accountability and Transparency of the Sacramento Police Department (comment on Item 1c)

    • "Develop a long-term comprehensive sustainable diversity and culture change plan—with measurable goals and outcomes that addresses gender issues and institutionalized racism. In regard to the latter, the plan should specifically address historic systemic racial issues between the police and people of color, particularly African-Americans. The plan should also address ethnic groups and communities whose distrust of law enforcement impacts diversification. Include a Diversity Mission Statement with key principles and core values. A committee should be assembled for this purpose that includes police officer representatives, community representatives, and commission representation."

    • Make changes to recruitment, hiring, and retention practices.

    • Require additional annual current bias-free training to all officers from diverse training officers.

    • See full report by Sacramento Community Police Review Commission Recommendations on page 5

  • d: Creation of an Inspector General Position (comment on Item 1d)

    • "Pass a Motion authorizing the Office of Public Safety Accountability Director, the City Attorney, and the City Manager to implement City Council direction by creating an Inspector General position in the Office of Public Safety Accountability with full independence and authority to investigate officer-involved shootings and use-of-force incidents that result in serious bodily injury or death"

    • See full attachment

  • e. 911 Alternative Response Model (comment on Item 1e)

    • "Pass a Motion directing the City Manager to: 1) develop alternative response models for 911 calls that do not require a sworn police officer and are not related to a Fire Department or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response, which proposals may include the creation of a new city division with required staffing and/or the ability to contract out specific referrals to qualified community-based organizations; and 2) prioritize an initial assessment of these types of calls and bring back to City Council for review within 45 days and again at regular intervals over the next two years to inform and effective transition."

    • See full attachment

  • f. Supporting Assembly Bill 1506 [McCarty] and Assembly Bill 2054 [Kamlager] (comment on Item 1f)

    • "AB 1506 (McCarty) would: 1) establish the Statewide Officer Deadly Force Investigation Division within the Department of Justice (DOJ) to, upon request of a law enforcement agency or District Attorney, conduct an investigation into an officer-involved deadly-force incident, provide written findings, and if applicable, conduct the prosecution of the officer(s) involved; and 2) establish a Police Practices Division within the DOJ to, upon request, review the “patterns and practices” of a local law enforcement agency, and provide recommendations and action items for improvement. In March 2018, Chief of Police Daniel Hahn requested DOJ conduct an independent investigation into the officer-involved shooting death of Stephon Clark. The DOJ completed that investigation on March 5, 2019."

      • NOTE: The investigation into the murder of Stephon Clark by a SacPD officer did not result in a firing

    • "AB 2054 (Kamlager) establishes, for three years, the Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems (C.R.I.S.E.S.) Act Grant Pilot Program Act, with the goal of improving emergency responses for vulnerable populations in California, by strengthening, expanding and promoting community-based responses to emergency situations. Grants will fund culturally informed and appropriate responses to immediate emergency situations, as well as in the follow-up. Community-b ased organizations with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the issues, people, and set of relationships surrounding the emergency are able to provide more effective and cost-efficient services. "

    • See full attachment

  • g. City Council Police Reform Proposals (comment on item 1g)

    • See Councilmember Jennings, Guerra, Warren, and Carr reform proposal, place on the council agenda:

      • The“EightCan’tWait” use-of-force policy framework and what has been adopted from this framework or what needs to be adopted from this framework

      • Review of the Office of Public Safety Accountability and what more can be done with this office.

      • What we are doing and what more can be done to increase transparency.

      • The recommendations of the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission with a response from the City Manager on their policy proposals

      • Community outreach efforts to engage and work with the community.

      • Current efforts to diversify the Sacramento Police Department and what else can be done to move our police department to reflect the community it serves

    • See Councilmember Ashby reform proposal

  1. Breonna’s Law –end no knock raid warrants.

  2. Inspector General, add a new position to the Office of Public Safety Accountability with the authority permissible by California State law to review, observe and issue to the Commission and Council, publicly, their findings and recommendations relative to officer involved incidents.

  3. Shift non crime related calls, like mental health and homeless services, away from the Police Department and into a more appropriate response team rooted in social services. Funding should follow implementation, as the program moves, so too should the funds intended to support the effort.

  4. Continue to add social workers to the 911 call center and provide training to all operators for implementation.

  5. Staff review and report to Council on Attorney General Becerra’s full suite of recommendations in the 2019 report.

  6. Support of AB1195 (banning carotid hold statewide) –Note: Sacramento Police Department has proactively terminated the use of this hold. We should support the statewide legislation to that same end.

  7. Support of AB1506 by Assemblymember McCarty, which establishes two oversight arms inside the California Department of Justice:
    a. Statewide Deadly Force Investigation unit
    b. Statewide Police Practices division

  8. Report to Council with a comprehensive analysis of the recent protests.

  9. Full review of the ‘8 that Can’t Wait’ policy recommendations and an update to Council on implementation.

  10. A full discussion of funding available to community partners helping to reduce crime, violence and gun activity in neighborhoods. Make additional funding available to community partners advancing community policing initiatives. Implement outcomes based funding criteria and guarantee funding based on achieving and reporting outcomes.

  11. Mayor & Council Roundtable made up of diverse community leaders who meet to discuss city policies, procedures, goals, budgets and hiring. While the group would be advisory they would also meet regularly and actively discuss opportunities to address investment, education, equity and diversity in our city across all departments.

  12. Staff review and report back to Council on compliance with AB392 & SB230.

  13. Role of the Police Commissiona.
    a.Legal counsel review of Police Commission recommendations, and then forward with advisement to City Council.
    b.Appropriately staff the commission.

  14. Regionally
    a. The Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol both need to adopt and implement body worn cameras.
    While the City of Sacramento has identified a detox center as a Covid-19 need, we need the County to reopen and reinvest in a permanent mental health facility.

    • See Councilmember Warren reform proposal

      • THE BUSINESS CARD PROPOSAL: Require every police officer to automatically provide a business card to individuals stopped for any reason. The business card would contain the officer’s name, badge number, an 800 number with a statement that says,“How’s my policing?” on both sides and the rear of the police vehicle. The 800 number should contain simple prompts for the caller to provide feedback, and information from callers should be automatically stored with the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission and the Sacramento Police Department

      • CITYWIDE WEBSITE IDENTIFYING OFFICERS BY COUNCIL DISTRICT OR POLICE SERVICE AREA: Create a citywide website, or modify the Sacramento Police Department’s website, to identify policing and police officers by Sacramento City Council District or Sacramento Police Department Service Area. Without including any personal information, the website should include a basic biography for each officer similar to that of City Councilmembers. These small biographies make it easier to understand and connect with who is policing each community

      • MANDATORY SUSPENSION FOR SHOOTING UNARMED AND NON-THREATENING PERSONS: A mandatory, unpaid suspension for officers shooting unarmed and non-threatening persons. The intent of the suspension is to end the harm and killing of unarmed individuals and prevent officers from shooting individuals in the back

City of Sacramento, City Council Meeting, Tuesday June 16, 5pm

City Council meeting recording (6.16.20)

6.16.20 See full agenda

NOTE: You may only leave one comment per agenda item. Public comments are added to the public record.

Agenda items of possible interest:

  • Item 2: Review of Local Emergency Declaration (Civil Unrest) (leave a public comment on this item)

    • This item is on the consent calendar, meaning the City Council will likely not discuss it at length and just vote to pass all items on the consent calendar at the start of the meeting. You are still welcome to leave public comment on this item.

    • "1) Receive and file; OR 2) review and discuss the need for continuing the June 1, 2020 local emergency declaration [regarding civil unrest] in the City of Sacramento" (click to see full agenda item summary)

  • Item 8: Supplemental Agreement: Gunfire Detection System (leave a public comment on this item, oppose = don't pass)

    • This item is also on the consent calendar. Again, you may still leave a public comment.

    • "Pass a Motion authorizing the City Manager to execute a supplemental agreement with ShotSpotter Inc., to continue monitoring services for three gunshot detection systems in the amount of $2,544,008, for a new contract amount not to exceed $4,333,144 through June 14, 2025." (click to see full agenda item summary)

  • Item 20: Agreement: Flood Control and Landscaping Maintenance Services through Sacramento County Sheriff’s Work Project Program (leave a public comment on this item, oppose = don't pass)

    • This item is also on the consent calendar. Again, you may still leave a public comment.

    • "Pass a Motion authorizing the City Manager or the City Manager's designee to 1) suspend competitive bidding in the best interests of the City for landscape maintenance and flood control services; and 2) execute an Agreement with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department for the supervision of Alternative Sentencing Program inmate work crews providing flood control and landscaping maintenance services, for a one-year term with up to three one-year renewal options, with an annual maximum payment of $150,000, for an amount not-to-exceed $600,000 for the maximum four-year term." (click to see full agenda item summary)

      • "The Alternative Sentencing inmate crew consists of nonviolent misdemeanor offenders, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy, and a City of Sacramento Utilities Service Worker. The work crew is assigned to various City drainage basins, canals, levees, and creeks throughout the year Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

      • Contracting with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Alternative Sentencing Work Project Program provides a very cost-effective means of accomplishing maintenance of flood control basins and canals since the City only pays the County’s costs to supervise the work inmate crews but does not pay anything for work performed by them."

  • Item 33: City Council COVID-19 Response: CARES Act Framework and Funding Priorities; Establish Emergency Programs - Small Business Recovery Program (leave a public comment on this item)

    • "1) Review, discuss, and take action regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Small Business Recovery Program; 2) pass a Motion: a) authorizing the City Manager, City Attorney, City Auditor, City Treasurer, and City Clerk to take all actions necessary to implement the Small Business Recovery Program; and b) authorizing the City Manager to modify the terms of the Small Business Recovery Program as long as the modifications do not increase the total program funding amount of $10,000,000" (click to see full agenda item summary)

  • Item 34: Update on Commercial and Residential Tenant Eviction Moratorium (leave a public comment on this item)

    • "Receive and file second 30-day report on the impacts of the Commercial Tenant Eviction Moratorium. Provide direction to staff on any desired ordinance amendments." (click to see full agenda item summary)

      • On March 17, 2020, the Sacramento City Council adopted an emergency ordinance to establish a temporary moratorium on evicting residential tenants unable to pay rent due to a loss of income caused by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). On March 24, 2020, the City Council amended the previously-adopted ordinance to include commercial tenants. The ordinance provides eviction protections to residential and commercial tenants who are financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and who comply with the following steps for each month rent is not paid in full:

•Provide written notice to their landlord of their inability to pay rent in full prior to the day rent is due;•Provide verifiable documentation of the COVID-19-related loss of income; and •Pay the portion of rent they can afford to pay.
      • The ordinance provides protection from eviction for tenants who comply with the ordinance requirements and provides for waiver of late fees and a 120-day repayment period after expiration of the ordinance ... the City’s 120-day payback period extends to November 25, 2020.

Call (916) 808-7213 to join the queue to make a live comment during the meeting

Call (916) 808-5908 to leave a comment via voicemail

Measure U Community Advisory Committee Meeting, Monday June 15, 6pm

Measure U meeting recording (6.15.20)

6.15.20 See full agenda

NOTE: You may only leave one comment per agenda item. Public comments are added to the public record.

Agenda items of possible interest:

Call (916) 808-7213 to join the queue to make a live comment during the meeting


Support our unhoused community members

Support protestors and Black lives

By Your Side (In Solidarity With Black Lives), Digital album:

Fund Local Organizations:

Sunrise Sacramento's Care Packages for Black organizers project:

  • We'll be organizing care packages for Black organizers leading the struggle for racial justice in Sacramento. You can contribute by donating, sharing, or dropping off supplies! Sign up to contribute at

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Regarding Black Lives Matter Sacramento:

We have been getting questions about why we haven't included Black Lives Matter Sacramento in our resource list. In the interest of transparency, we wanted to share context around the organization and our(Sunrise Movement Sacramento) decision-making process. Last year, over 25 members of the Sacramento chapter publicly asked the chapter leader, Tanya Faison, to step down due to concerns about the harm she was causing in her role. The global Black Lives Matter Foundation made clear that BLM Sacramento doesn't speak for or represent the national organization.

Community organizers who signed onto the letter asking for a change in BLM Sacramento's leadership structure left the group and went on to create a new group, Liberate Blackness Now(formerly known as The Liberation Collective for Black Sacramento, and Sacramento For Black Lives). We share this to clarify the history of organizing in Sacramento's movement for Black lives- we're NOT telling anyone what events they should or shouldn't attend, but we want our community to have this context to make informed decisions about how we can build toward black liberation.

We are following the direction of Black organizers in Sacramento to support our collective fight for liberation and justice. For more information, see the following links:

Letter/statement from former members of BLM Sacramento

ABC10 article on the matter

Fox40 article on the matter

Organizing and grassroots activism

Black Justice Sacramento: A collective group of Black voices dedicated to ending systemic racism and the inequitable use of resources

Liberate Blackness NOW: Organizing for Black Lives

Anti Police Terror Project Sacramento: Organizing against police brutality

Decarcerate Sacramento: Organizing against prisons

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee Sacramento: Supporting currently & formerly incarcerated people and system impacted people. Prioritizing womxn, trans and gender fluid BIPOC.

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment(ACCE): Multi-racial, non profit, community organization building power to fight for economic, racial and social justice.

Crisis intervention and health services

Mental Health First Sac: Mobile crisis intervention for psychosocial distress and community education, volunteer operated, not a registered non-profit

Gender Health Center Sac: Mental health service, trans health & advocacy, medical tent

My Sister's House: Counseling, safe haven, and support group programs serving Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in Sacramento

WEAVE: Sacramento crisis intervention center promoting safe and healthy relationships and supporting survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking (note: their process may involve law enforcement)

Sacramento Native American Health Center: Patient-centered health home committed to enhancing quality of life by providing holistic care

The Verity Project: Provides food service workers affordable, direct and local access to professional mental health support

Service providers, community advocates and voices

NorCal Resist: Fundraising and resources, organizing around bail/legal help/undocumented and immigrant support

National Lawyers Guild, Sacramento Chapter: Ensure legal observation and representation for protesters

Black Zebra Productions: Documenting protests and actions live, Sacramento community media outlet

Sacramento Solidarity of Unhoused People(SacSOUP): Fundraising, supplies(food, sanitation, etc), and volunteering to support Sacramento's unhoused population

Sacramento Black Infant Health: Community service providing support to eliminate the disproportionate rate of African American maternal mortality in Sacramento county

Black Women United Sacramento: Protection and advancement of ALL Black women

Showing Up For Racial Justice Sacramento: Works under leadership of Black, Indigenous, & people of color to dismantle white supremacy and other systems of oppression

Cell Block 2 City Block: Stopping the revolving door of “recidivism” by providing material assistance, education, and advocacy

La Familia Counseling Center: Multi-cultural services to at-risk youth & families of diverse backgrounds to help them overcome adversity, become empowered and succeed

Sol Collective: Community space, art gallery, learning and workshops, culture and activism

Cuties of Color: Sacramento QTPOC event page centering our Black & Indigenous community, created by BITQTPOC


Note: The purpose of these lists is NOT to tokenize these voices and creators or for you to just mass-follow them all. Be listening and mindful of your interactions and how you engage with creators, in person and online. The purpose of these lists is to provide a resource for you to discover & follow accounts that are of interest to you and your feed.

Sacramento area Black voices

Dr. Flojaune Cofer: Advocate, Measure U Community Advisory Commission Chair, Senior Director of Policy at Public Health Advocates

Ebony Ava Harper: Sacramento Human Rights Activist

Asantewaa Rn: Poet, Activist

Intellectually Hyphy: Professor, Educator

K-Ra: Artist, Poet, Activist

Khaya "Khalypso" Osborne (they/them pronouns): Former Youth Poet Laureate, Published Poet, Activist

Khalil J. Ferguson: Author, Measure U Commissioner, Political Economist, Guerilla Intellectual

Paul Willis: Hip-Hop/Spoken Word Artist

Artists, creators, influencers on Instagram:

Black creators & artists on Instagram

Note: The purpose of this list is NOT to tokenize these creators or for you to just mass-follow them all. Be listening and mindful of your interactions and how you engage with creators, in person and online. The purpose of this list is to provide a resource for you to discover & follow accounts that are of interest to you and your feed.
Note: you can click on the heading for a link to a SacBee article with a growing list of Sacramento restaurants. This following list is still being put together to help you find their websites and social media pages.

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant (1346 Fulton Ave.): Family-owned restaurant serving authentic Ethiopian food

Bawk Fried Chicken: Restaurant, brunch/lunch/dinner/happy hour/late night, catering

Beana’s Cafe (2251 Florin Rd.): Family-owned lunch pop up cafe

Cafe Connection (1007 L St.): Family operated Jamaican restaurant, bar, and event space

Classy Hippie Tea Company (3226 Broadway, Suite A): Tea drinking experiences that are social engaging for all five senses

Coleman’s Cupcakes, Cakes & Desserts (catering only, 916-896-5859): Custom design cakery selling cakes, pies, cookies, and more

CoLo’s Soul Food & Seafood (2326 Del Paso Blvd.): Soul food and seafood

Compassion Meals: Vegan pop-up in the Sac area, Southern food, also available for order

D’Miller’s Famous BBQ (7305 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael): BBQ classics including ribs, tri-tip, coleslaw, and corn bread

D’s Smokin Pit (1800 Del Paso Blvd., Suite 101): Texa-cali jerk smoked BBQ

Daddy O’s Smokehouse (3581 Matherfield Rd., Rancho Cordova): Slow cooked BBQ made from family recipes

DubPlate Kitchen & Jamaican Cuisine (3419 El Camino Ave.): Jamaican cuisine, pick up or delivery available

Family Pizza Take ‘N Bake (5901 Watt Ave., North Highlands): Locally owned pizza and BBQ joint

Fast Cat Coffee (7901 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael): Coffee house, restaurant, living art gallery, custom car shop, and general hangout place

Fixins Soul Kitchen (3428 3rd Ave.): Soul food restaurant in historic Oak Park neighborhood, takeout available

Flowers Fish Market & Restaurant (3224 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.): Fish and chips, seafood, and soul food sides

Good Vibes Vegan Herbs & Cafe (1006 24th St.): Vegan comfort food

Habesha Restaurant (2326 Fair Oaks Blvd.): Mediterranean cuisine, takeout available

Harry Love BBQ (4557 Auburn Blvd.): Old school, slow-cooked barbecue

House of Chicken & Ribs (3535 Elverta Rd., Antelope): family owned slow-cooked BBQ, Southern entrees and sides, and fresh baked desserts

JB’s Lounge & Grill (777 Lincoln Village Dr.): Lounge with food, spirits, and entertainment

Liaison Lounge (2667 Alta Arden Expy.): Happy hour, karaoke, and event space

Louisiana Heaven (6623 Valley Hi Dr.): Louisiana style home cooking with Cajun Creole spices

Lucci’s Kitchen in A Toucha Class (4217 Stockton Blvd.): Sports bar with dinner options including BBQ and seafood

MacQue’s BBQ (8101 Elder Creek Rd., Suite O, Sacramento and 8517 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove): BBQ stapes and sides

Maestro Coffee House (2069 Arena Blvd., Suite 130): Coffee and smoothies in a relaxing atmosphere

Mo Betta Finger Food (3751 Stockton Blvd.): Soul and comfort finger food

Momo’s Meat Market (5780 Broadway): BBQ and sides, takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup available

Muhammed’s Meat Vegetables & Desserts (5917 Mack Rd.): Halal meat and gluten free food

Nash & Proper (916-426-6712): Food truck with Nashville inspired food, online ordering available and daily locations posted on website

Oak Park Brewing Co. (3514 Broadway): Small batch creative beers served in a space supporting local artists

Pangea Bier Cafe (2743 Franklin Blvd.): Burgers, sandwiches, and sides, curbside pick up and takeout available

Peach Oliver’s Kitchen in Shakey J’s Bar & Grill (8011 Florin Rd.): Fried and BBQ Southern food, sandwiches, and sides

Q1227 Restaurant (1465 Eureka Rd., Suite 100, Roseville): Chef driven restaurant with southern inspired food and California ingredients

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine: Ethiopian restaurant in Sacramento

Savvy House Coffee Bar (9630 Bruceville Rd., Suite 104, Elk Grove): Owner led local coffee spot with cool, calm, unique decor

South (2005 11th St.): Contemporary Southern family cuisine

Stagecoach Restaurant (4365 Florin Rd.): Homestyle breakfast and lunches

Streets Pub & Grub (1804 J St.): Pub style comfort food and drinks

T & R Taste of Texas BBQ (3621 Broadway and 1310 Howe Ave.): Smoked Texas BBQ with generous portions

Terri Does Desserts (catering only, 916-691-0980): Pop up shops and full cake orders

  • Website

  • Email to join email list for pop up shop locations

The Buzz Coffee Brewery (1121 L St.): Expresso, breakfast burritos, and lobster bisque next to the Capitol building

The Cake Depot (8876 Vintage Park Dr #114): Special order cakes and baked goods, with weekly batches of baked and chocolate treated served over the counter

Tiferet Coffee House (3020 H St.): Sister owned company offering coffee, teas, pastries, sandwiches, and salads

Tori’s Place (1525 Grand Ave.): Cajun and Creole soul food restaurant

Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse (1322 V St.): Local Sacramento brewery/smokehouse

Willie J’s Burgers & More (2010 Club Center Dr.): Breakfast, burgers, wings, and more, with Halal certified food options and delivery available


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Katie Valenzuela's proposed Community Recommendations For Stimulus Spending, signed on to by Sunrise Movement Sacramento and many others

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