Women are nurturers by nature. But who and what nurtures us? Spending time in nature not only calls us back to our authentic selves, but it naturally restores us, and nurtures us back to wholeness. Hmm, maybe that's why we refer to it as "Mother Nature."

Join us for some soul nurturing, nourishing time together in nature replenishing, reconnecting to our true natures through dream work, meditation, yoga, medicinal plant harvesting, and other nature based skills.

We will be immersed in nature at the Tribal Edge Land (https://tribaledge.life/) in Blyn from Friday, July 26th through Sunday, July 28th. Gathering around the central fire for heart to heart conversations, deepening our awareness of self through dream work, yoga and meditation and connecting more deeply to ourselves and the earth through wanders in the woods, solo sits near whatever calls to you on this beautiful, healing land.


The retreat will begin at 5:30 pm* on Friday, July 26th (*Participants can arrive at 4:00 pm to set up their camp)

The cost for this retreat is $222.00 for the entire weekend which includes light, nourishing meals. (Participants of course can supplement the menu with whatever feels nurturing and nourishing!

The group size will be small, so claim your space with a $50.00 deposit, or pay in full in advance and pay only $200.00.

Feel free to reach out for more information 360-477-0747.