Sabores Púrpura is a producer of cannabis plant-based medicinal substances and preparations, cultivating, processing and distributing pharmaceutical grade cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Sabores Púrpura specializes in cultivating pesticide free and naturally grown cannabis plants to produce preparations safe for the patient.


The know-how,

in a sustainable way.

The quality of our agricultural products is based on some assumptions that guarantees complete satisfaction of our consumers.

We came to stay! And so we care about the future of our planet. The path that provides an increase of the economic retribution of our work considering also the future of the environment, water, energy, and ultimately life, are the values of our organization.

Several years of experience and research in the field of agriculture have allowed us to understand nature, its language, its processes and its potential. We seek technology in response to our objectives, yet we do not technologically substitute nature.


Natural cannabinoids,

of pharmaceutical quality.

  • EuGMP drying processing

  • Irradiation

  • Packaging: solids & liquids; bulk, API, FP

  • Extraction & formulation

  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Stability

  • Supply chain management


Your logistic partner.

Sabores Púrpura is a GDP certified company and a logistic operator, providing logistics and warehousing services to our partners for cannabis-based substances and preparations for medicinal purposes.

Our logistic warehouse is located in Lisbon, close to the largest distribution center in the country, road access and airport.