Australian Broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific

Supporters of Australian Broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific is a group of Australians and overseas colleagues with experience in the Asia Pacific region and people in Asia and the Pacific, interested in what the Australian media has to offer. This not-for-profit group includes current and former senior executives, journalists, technical experts, academics, members of the audience and members of the Asia Pacific diaspora communities in Australia. SABAP proposes an Australia Asia Pacific Media Initiative.

Courageously reporting from the Highlands of PNG before women were given the credit for stories they gathered, Maureen has covered PNG’s most difficult stories like Bougainville and domestic violence.

Maureen tells Nance Haxton how crucial radio was and is in Papua New Guinea and how from a very young age she wanted to be the voice coming out of the radio. Since then she has covered stories from Australia and across the Pacific, including a recent ten-part series on climate change.

Listen to the Journo Project podcast Streets of Your Town featuring Maureen Mopio-Jane

16 Sep 2019

DFAT has set up a web page of corrections to media reports on matters of foreign policy which they believe contain inaccuracies.

No doubt this authoritative site will be of great interest to those journalists exercised to describe the Australian government's foreign policy excursions for the public's edification.

16 Sep 2019

Keith Jackson arrived in Papua New Guinea in 1963 as a school teacher and left in 1976 - one year after independence - as a broadcaster and journalist with 10 years under his belt.

Then he became an executive at the ABC ...

SABAP is delighted to see this initiative. Congratulations to New Zealand.

The Asia Pacific broadcasting initiative proposed by SABAP would be a great complement to the work of Pasifika TV and others.

The secret to success is the involvement and partnership with Pacific and Asian journalists and producers.

31 July 2019

Before leaving for the Pacific Forum in Tuvalu, Australia's Minister for International Development Alex Hawke and former diplomat Dave Sharma MP met with Supporters of Australian broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific (SABAP). met both Minister Hawke and new Coalition MP and former diplomat in PNG, Dave Sharma.

SABAP's delegation Jemima Garrett, Malcolm Long, Bruce Dover and Kean Wong stressed the need for a strong media component to Australia's Step Up in the region. Read on ...

Malcom Long, Bruce Dover, Jemima Garrett & Dave Sharma
30 August 2019

ABC puts senior Pacific reporters in redundancy shark pool ... but plans continue for new Pacific intiatives

Four senior journalists at ABC's Melbourne office have been put in a redundancy shark pool from which only two will emerge with a job. At least 3 of the reporters have significant experience in the Pacific and are part of the ABC's valuable Pacific brains trust. The loss of senior staff, and program material for ABC's flagship current affairs program Pacific Beat, is concerning. Pacific Beat receives 2-3 stories a week from the two positions to be cut as well as valuable knowledge and collegiality. The two positions being axed are morning and afternoon newsreading roles which will be re-located to Sydney as part of a reorganisation to establish an ABC radio/audio news centre of excellence. With so few Pacific reporters left in Melbourne they will leave a gap that threatens to undermine the small critical mass of reporters with a passion for the Pacific and knobble the capacity of the Melbourne team to train new reporters. At the same time the ABC is working on short and long-term plans to boost its Pacific coverage with more stories reported from the region. Three weeks ago News Director Gaven Morris promised Pacific journalists visiting Sydney there would be more collaborations and asked that they hold him to account on that. At a moment when the ABC is facing more scrutiny than ever over its Pacific coverage it is hard to understand why these changes are occurring before its new plan is fully thought through. The redundancy move is still a proposal and not too late for a rethink that will be in keeping with the ABC's pledge to improve coverage of the Pacific. In the past, other re-organisations have been modified before implementation.

12 August 2019

ABC wants new collaborations in the Pacific

The ABC is keen to collaborate more with Pacific journalists says News Director Gaven Morris and he has asked them to hold him to account on building new media partnerships in the region. It’s a very welcome initiative from Morris and from the ABC, which in the past 12 months has been preoccupied with budget cuts and Board/CEO woes, not to mention the recent AFP raid.

‘It's time we collaborated more with all of you’ Gaven Morris told 15 of the Pacific’s top journalists as he welcomed them last week to the ABC HQ in Ultimo. Together, the Pacific journalists represent hundreds of years of experience including at CEO and managing editor level. They were joined by members of ABC senior management team and by ABC reporting staff including Pacific luminaries such as Evan Wasuka and Liam Fox. Morris acknowledged earlier budget cuts had been a tough time for the ABC’s Asia Pacific services but said he is really keen to work with his teams to get the ABC back into in the game in the Pacific in a much more meaningful way.

‘Having you all here is a reminder that it is time we got back to being a partner(with you) in the way we tell the Pacific story to people in Australia’ and to ‘people across the Pacific and, hopefully, to the broader world’. ‘Hold me to that commitment. Hold the ABC to account in relation to how we get back into that game in a way that perhaps in the last few years we have not been nearly as productive and as present as we should be,’ Morris said.

Tonga’s ground-breaking journalist Kalafi Moala told of his first collaboration with the ABC 28 years ago, which provided a much-needed daily news outlet to circumvent a Tongan government media blackout on reporting parliamentary debate about its illegal passport sales to Hong Kong citizens. ‘We need you and you need us too,’ the Times of Tonga founder told ABC managers as he called for collaboration on more projects. Media is so much more complex today than it was when we started out. ...We need your wisdom, we need your experience, we need your skills and you need us on the ground,’ he said.

Left to right: Vipul Khosla, Ofani Eremae, Kalafi Moala, Dorothy Wickham, Cedric Patjole, Sofaia Koroitanoa, Det Carreon-Brooks, Georgina Kekea and Monika Singh with Gaven Morris.- Pacific Economic and Business Reporting Colloquium

The ABC also has recently re-instated its Pacific song competition, the winner of which will perform at WOMADelaide 2020.

The Pacific journalists were in Sydney for a Pacific Economic and Business reporting colloquium and the launch of the new Training Grants Initiative for senior regional journalists wanting to run training for their peers. The colloquium and Grants Initiative was funded by Australian aid the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) which is managed by ABC International Development.

5 April 2019

Walkley Foundation Pacific Journalism Grant in honour of ABC Alumnus Sean Dorney

The Walkley Foundation has established the Sean Dorney Grant for Pacific Journalism, to encourage more and better journalism about the Pacific region by Australian media professionals and outlets.

The Foundation is offering an annual grant of $10,000 to assist an Australian journalist to produce a significant work of journalism in any medium, giving voice to Pacific island perspectives on an under-reported issue or development of importance to Australia and the region.

The grant is a fitting tribute to Sean - who has long been the leading Australian media voice on Pacific affairs.

In 2018, his illustrious 40-year career as a journalist in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region was recognised with the Walkley for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism.

Sean’s passion for the region, and for the work of the Australian media in telling Pacific stories to Australian audiences, is legendary and unquenchable.

Sean is living with Motor Neurone Disease and this grant is one way in which his impact and legacy can be carried forward by and for the industry he loves.

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