S33N Mobile App

A lot of people hate going out because the planning and coordination with friends is too time consuming after a long day of work. S33N also helps your planning by allowing you to select up to 5 friends that will appear on your map for real-time tracking, communication, and alerts. You receive messages when friends arrive at locations ahead of you and if separated from the group which leads into one of S33N’s most valuable features it’s safety functions.


According to National polls most women hate going out due to being hit on or stalked by creepy guys. S33N not only has functions that help filter who can see and message you on the network but goes much deeper in your personal security. S33N users who are disruptive can be flagged and after a number of flags that person icon appears on the location network with a warning to other users at that location. Creative Confluence the company behind S33N will be partnering with local bars, clubs and law enforcement services to provide real-time data assistance in the event a person goes missing, sexual harassment, and a range of other social crimes.