OutNow Social Utility App

Purely Economics

Young adults working erratic hours while also managing a strict path to higher education have seen a dramatic decrease in their social time with friends and family.

People in todays society have small windows of opportunity to engage with each other offline and the current social media tools just aren't providing the type of real-time data people need to effectively coordinate these events.

The bar/club industry have felt this blow as well. Bar/Club owners are seeing a decrease in profits as people choose cuddling up on the couch watching Netflix after a long work day over planning a get together with friends. The video game industry has also taken advantage of this economic change as online gaming joins social networks as the go to hubs for communication.

Humans are social creatures by nature eventually we get tired of watching tv, playing video games or reading books to pass the time. Stress emerging from work and school drives us to an innate urge to unwind, to vent, to get out and socialize.

This is why we invented OutNow! Our app aims to help people facing work/life balance issues take back control of their social life by facilitating outings with friends or possibly meeting new ones.

OutNow's Goal is to get a group of friends out eating, drinking, and having fun in a 2hr window faster than any other method of service.