"Survive The Day Control The Night

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"Giving you back control of your life"


"Survive The Day"

Now that you have made it through a stressful day how about Happy Hour with friends? Maybe Drinks over Dinner before turning in for the night? S33N finds your friends availability and alerts you on who's looking to go out. Through automation S33N is then able to sync schedules and form groups we call "Squads"


"Control The Night"

Now that you have created a Squad invite more friend into Squad chat to decide where you wanna go. Your Squad can use S33N's Dynamic Map feed to see What's taking place at any Bar/Club location in Real-time. S33N allows users the ability to view social feeds of a given location and post from that location if they are present. WIth built in Lyft and Uber Support there's no need to worry about transportation.


"Social Engagement is the Cure"

After a long day or week put all the stress behind you, create your profile and be "S33N". Share your night with the rest of the world by adding new friends and allowing others in your city to see your location based pics in real-time.


"Providing safety and Security

S33N takes Privacy and Safety into major concern. Our Users are able to control their visibility while out on the town with friends. We have also taken the proper measures to secure your location data while out on the town. S33N does not track it's users outside the geofence of bar/club locations.