Our social remote app gives people the power to Plan,Engage,and Secure control over their Night Life.

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"Giving you back control of your life"


"The Remote for Life"

Unlike our competitors we don't just show you locations on a map, we give you remote control over the services at that location. S33N will also allow users to choose a location and view in real time other users who are present as-well as scroll through a real-time social feed which is unique to the selected location. Users will be rewarded with special gifts for their engagement.


"Shine amongst the Stars"

Let the world know you exist with unique social features and services at your fingertips. With S33N you have full control of your night. Find out who else is here and what they like to drink, then order those drinks in app. Finally when you are ready to leave order an Uber or maybe local taxi services and play some games while you wait. With S33N you control your night.


"Merging on & offline Communications"

Create your profile and shine to the world. S33N enhances real-life communication by providing you digital tools for engagement in a realworld setting. Our goal is not to take you out of the real social exp but improve upon it. Let S33N be your digital companion.


"Providing safety and Security

Control who has access to you over our real-time network while filtering out undesirables. S33N was designed with security features and Emergency services to protect women especially. We will be working with first responder services in your area to provide you with immediate intervention direct to your location should the need arise.