Currently Beta Testing on Android.

Available on IOS later this year.

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Who's out now!?

Now that you have made it through a stressful day how about happy hour with friends, or drinks over dinner? OutNow shows you where your friends are having fun and which locations are currently popular in real-time. Selecting a bar, club, or restaurant allows you access to that locations micro social feed where you can view exciting content from other users.


Control The Night

OutNow gives you access to a myriad of social tools to assist you and your friends while out on the town. Need a ride to the event? Not safe for someone to drive afterwards? With built in Lyft and Uber support there's no need to worry about transportation.


Social Engagement is Natural

We at CC understand that you only have a short amount of time in your busy day to engage with your friends. OutNow helps you to plan meet ups in those small windows as well interact with possible new friends while everyone is available.

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