About Us

Creative ConFluence

"Simply a Matter of Time"

Creative Confluence was founded in 2017 by Ramel Robinson, Brendan Walsh, and Cody Wood.

Creative Confluence is a software development company that creates real-time data applications. Our research is in the field of social science and its economic impact. We believe stress is largely caused by not having control over situations, so our products provide people with real-time data for situational planning and control. We are a people centric, data driven organization. As we are all well aware, when it comes to important matters,time is limited! Decisions that have great impact on people’s lives are made in milliseconds. We at Creative Confluence understand this, and are working hard to deliver products that help people make decisions based on real-time information.

Our Software to deliver this promise is called S33N (Social Electronic Entertainment Network).

Data is very important in today's world. Information that's an hour old is already obsolete which can have negative effects on situational planning and emergency response times. S33N is a social app that helps people plan and take control of their nightlife. The 2 core features driving it’s traction is the automated event planner which syncs your availability with friends forming groups we call “squads” then leading your squad to events. Second is our dynamic social feed which allows you to preview social content emerging from locations in real-time. Our goal is a citywide network powered by our up to the minute data. S33N gives people real-time location data so they can plan events more efficiently. Our app also provides tools to enhance real-world social engagement, as well as security features to help our users feel safe while out on the town.