S17 COVID-19

Community Support Group For Sheffield S17

Bringing Community Together in this time of need


We are a group of neighbours, friends and family living in S17. Our aim is to provide practical assistance with shopping, medication and other essential errands and to spread only love and caring within our community.

We are helping people/families self-isolating, people already classified as Vulnerable or people who are just at a higher risk to access the food and medication that they need. We are also helping the key workers in our community who are struggling to balance their work and family commitments.

Where there is a genuine need, we will attempt to provide some form of support.

We wish to work alongside and compliment the national volunteering service (GoodSAM) and other formal initiatives, such as that provided by Sheffield City Council, as our community shows us that beyond these services there are still people in need of support.

We are not a Registered Charity or a Food Bank.

News & Updates:


We are still needed!!

Our lives are about to change again with more of the lockdown restrictions being lifted on 4th of July. For many of us this is a huge relief and we can plan seeing friends and family, book holidays and feel life return to a pattern that we recognise from before. For many though, especially the most vulnerable in our community, this will cause deep anxiety and concern. Some will not feel ready to resume activities they had previously; some will feel forced to do so but almost under duress. Others will feel bewildered or even threatened looking around them at how others are interpreting the new rules. This all means that our community still needs us! Your kind gestures and words have made a massive difference and kept some of the worst of the anxiety at bay so far. We would ask you to be extra vigilant of those you are helping over the next few weeks and reach out in kindness and care.

We are working with our community hub which brings together charity and support services in S17, to put together a community guide to S17. We’re aiming to be able to distribute this in July, to as many households as we can and could really do with your help, once more. If you can help, please send us your details by completing this form (happy for under 18’s to help with this!)

Sunday 5th July is a special birthday, the 72nd birthday of the NHS! Wouldn’t it be great to step outside our doors one last time to stand alongside neighbours to clap one last time at 5pm? Please spread the word and see if we can encourage a meaningful turnout and message about how important the NHS is in our society.


Stay safe, well and keep being amazing!

Liz Nicklen, Simon Parker & Adam Slade


Campaign Launch

Tonight we are launching our campaign to prevent a local lockdown and keep engaged with the community that Covid-19 is still a very valid threat to our community. Maintaining social distancing is really important.

We would love it if you can print out one of the posters below and display it on your local lampost. One is suitable for colouring and we would love you to get your children involved! Once complete, please share your photos back to this page.

Please let us know if you don't have a printer and want to get involved - further details on the collection point will be made available soon. You can get creative with weatherproofing with cling film, plastic wallet or even a freezer bag or I can laminate as required (DM for address)

Stay safe, well and keep being amazing!

Adam Slade, Liz Nicklen, Simon Parker & Claire Knight



Important update

Last night we had quite a few queries about looking into the futures. Today Liz, Claire and I had a discussion via zoom, below are our updates and hopefully answers to your questions:

  • We continue to receive calls for help from people who are shielding, and thank you messages from those who receive your support. We have to be mindful of a potential second wave so the risks are still real and people still need the support we are offering

  • You don't need to fix every problem! We're now working closely with local agencies to clarify the services you might signpost people to for longer term support. Watch this space for more information

  • A few of you are finding your circumstances are changing, for example going back to work. Take care, and good luck with the transition

  • We need you! We are looking at how to redistribute some tasks over the next few weeks...so for some, you may have a new opportunity to step up to help in small ways

  • Please can we ask that you continue to use your local WhatsApp subgroup to pick up and share out tasks like shopping, prescriptions, check-in conversations, helping people to get set up online. This might be for a one-off request or to find a new helper to offer regular support if you've had a change in circumstances

  • It feels good to be helping others, so if you haven't yet volunteered then please do! This isn't over, but we do need to adapt to allow some regular helpers to adjust where needed.

  • Let's help prevent potential localised lockdown in s17 by maintaining social distance

Thank you as always for your amazing efforts

Stay safe, well and keep being amazing!

Liz Nicklen, Simon Parker, Claire Knight & Adam Slade


Video Update

❤️ We are pleased to share a video (Facebook) of the amazing impact you are having within the s17 community, please take the time to watch ❤️

🌟Stay safe, well and keep being amazing!🌟

Adam Slade, Simon Parker & Liz Nicklen

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the video

Louise Maddocks, Gail Hunt, Simon Parker, Liz Nicklen, Totley Pharmacy, Lucy Shaw, Hayley Stone


Thursday's seem to come around quickly... Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom Moore

  • Thank you to all the amazing things people are doing in the community to help others. 👏 Please keep doing what you are doing! There are plenty of volunteers, so don't overdo it yourself... Please keep checking up on neighbours & friends from a distance.

  • Sadly lives are being lost within our community from Covid19, thoughts with families who have been affected 💔

  • The wonderful Ann Anderson is doing a collection for Grace Food Bank Sheffield on Monday morning. Please DM her for her address to drop off items

  • The awesome Hayley Stones has put some amazing displays out the front of her house of Alfiebear at the bottom of Green Oak Avenue (photograph below). Money is being raised for NHS Charities Together https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/h-stones

  • Keep up to date with the information on our website www.s17covid19.co.uk

  • Supermarket collection and delivery slots are opening up all the time. We have found these are available more on web browsers than via apps.

  • Remember we are still in lockdown. Please Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

🌟Stay safe, well and keep being amazing!🌟


Don't be disheartened

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the leafleting has been completed there must be some of our volunteers who are not very busy or are in fact still waiting for a call. One of the major things that the leaflets achieved was letting people know that there are people out there in our S17 community who are willing to help. Please don’t underestimate the value of this as psychologically it makes a massive difference even if the offer of help is not taken up. We also have to consider that it is sometimes very hard for people to reach out unless they have absolutely no other option and that trust is not given freely. This means that people who could probably benefit from a helping hand just don’t feel that they can at this point. It may feel disappointing to you but you are still there ready to take a call if someone does take that leap of faith and reach out where they haven’t done so before or if a volunteering colleague now finds themselves in a position where they can no longer offer their services for whatever reason.

--Don’t be disheartened you are still very much needed, all of you!--

🌟Stay safe, well and keep being amazing!🌟

8th April 2020:

❤️ THANK YOU again(!) for being amazing! ❤️

  • We've heard some amazing things that you wonderful volunteers have been doing to help others out. THANK YOU!

  • ⭐️ Kate Wall has set up an S17 meal train if you are interested in providing meals join the group >>> S17 Meal Train volunteers group ⭐️ Awesome!

  • Massive shoutout to the Totley Pharmacy delivery volunteers. Every day volunteers snap up the deliveries to be done within seconds - please keep up the enthusiasm!

  • I hope you have your pans for bashing loudly tomorrow night at 8pm! Liz Nicklen in her enthusiasm managed to break the handle off hers last week!

  • ⚠️If you have any concerns, please do contact us. There are unsure and tough times ahead, but together we are better! Please keep doing what you are doing! ❤️

🌟Stay safe well and keep being amazing!🌟

1st April 2020:

Hello amazing s17!

We are now over 2 weeks in, so it's time to report back on how it's been going.

Please can every single helper take the short survey to tell us what you've been doing. We want to capture and celebrate the impact you are having in our community. 🤩

🌟Stay safe well and keep being amazing!🌟

26th March 2020:

❤️❤️❤️ S17 ❤️❤️❤️

We can't find the right words to say thank you to all our amazing S17 volunteers! It's great to see this community pull together at this time of need.

❤️ New website with lots of useful information www.s17covid19.co.uk

❤️ Leaflets delivered to every street in S17, over 6,500 residences with a local named volunteer who can offer support

❤️ Volunteer network with over 150 people doing shopping, collecting prescriptions, mowing lawns and much more!

❤️ WhatsApp volunteer support network with subgroups for Totley / Dore Village / Bradway - Twentywell / Bradway - Prospect / Abbeeydale - Lower Dore / Totley Brook meaning help can be provided locally when it is required

❤️ Support for Totley Pharmacy with volunteers delivering prescriptions

20th March 2020:

⭐️ S17 you rock! ⭐️

- Leaflet distribution is ongoing, streets that so far haven’t been allocated are nearly there. Liz Nicklen is cross checking Simon Parker endless work. Thank you to all those who have done an amazing amount of distribution. Pleased do not become overwhelmed or overdo it. If you need any extra support please let us know. The community mobile number is always on 📱

- There are now sub-WhatsApp support groups for various areas (Totley / Dore / Bradway etc) these are running themselves which is amazing to see 👍

- make sure you read the guidance below, stay safe!

- There are so many to thank, not entirely sure where to start! Give yourself a pat on the back! ⭐️

- love hearing your positive stories, please comment with them below 😁

- We are going to start to limit business posts now so that more relevant information can be seen in posts, but PLEASE continue to support your local businesses. All but business essentials will be permitted (hope you understand our decision)

Heartening to see the community pull together so rapidly at this difficult time 🥰

18th March 2020:

💛 Totally blown away by the sense of community and care for others! 💛

About 4,000 leaflets have been allocated to streets / volunteers for distribution. These have started filtering into the community, we still still have some allocation to do to make sure S17 is 100% covered.

The lovely Wardens at Christ Church Dore (thanks Emma Archer) are going to make more leaflets available within shops and around the community. These can be filled in by anyone and distributed to your immediate neighbours as you feel. We would love for people to receive more than one as not everyone is always going to be able to help.

We have had lots of people coming forward and saying they are willing to help out, so many we can’t keep up! So sorry if we don’t get around to replying to you.

*Please be careful as unfortunately there will be always looking to take advantage of offers of kindness. Please stay safe, if you have any concerns please call the community mobile number on the leaflet*

Please ensure at all times you are following the latest government guidance.

~Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness. Avoid physical contact and maintain a safe distance. Wash your hands regularly.~

Stay well and best wishes

17th March 2020:

Thanks so much for everyone's support to date.

We have printed about 3000 leaflets as shared earlier with the aim to reach everyone in the S17 community.

What happens next? All our lovely volunteers to who have signed up through SurveyMonkey will have streets locally allocated to distribute leaflets too which they will put their own details on. These can be collected by arrangement from the awesome Simon Parker who has done an incredible job at allocating streets.

There may be some road who we still require volunteers for, but we will let you know.

To ensure we keep this group relevant and to prevent any fake news, we have taken the decision to turn on post approvals. We hope you understand this decision.

Please ensure at all times you are following the latest government guidance.

~Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness. Avoid physical contact and maintain a safe distance. Wash your hands regularly.~

Stay well and best wishes

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