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My Other Haiku

These have been published on Facebook or Twitter, but not selected by a Journal Editor unless stated.  Photography is one of my hobbies and I like to pair my own images with my haiku.

Ancestry DNA
my father is

my father

words/image © Sue Courtney

published in Leaf – Journal of The Daily Haiku, Issue Two, December 2023

i memorise the mnemonic

by taste

words/image © Sue Courtney

published in Leaf – Journal of The Daily Haiku, Issue One, June 2023

Christmas countdown ♪♫♪

      ♫♪♫ and a kereru

                  in a kowhai tree

© words / image Sue Courtney
23 Dec 2022

The kereru | kerekū | New Zealand Pigeon is endemic to New Zealand. 
More here

NZ's native kowhai trees have stunning yellow blooms most commonly in spring.

first of December . . .
the old pohutukawa
blooms on cue

words / photo © Sue Courtney
1 Dec 2022

The pohutukawa tree (Metrosideros excelsa) is also known as New Zealand's Christmas tree as it is often in bloom at christmas time.

new year's morning
a river of sunlight
parts the sea

words / photo © Sue Courtney
1 Jan 2022

#haiku at sunrise, Orewa Beach, New Zealand

drive thru car wash . . .
imagining I’m driving
through a snowstorm

words / photo © Sue Courtney
30 Nov 2021

#haiku for winter in Auckland's early summer

water restrictions lifted
after 18 months . . .
spring rain

24 October 2021. The first weekend sprinklers are allowed to be used in the garden again after an 18-month ban (in Auckland), it rains and rains and rains. My apple tree in blossom is brightening up an otherwise gloomy grey day.

words / photo © Sue Courtney

hey – look at me, look at me …
new orange robes

Loosely based on a haiku by Issa, the tuturiwhatu is the New Zealand dotterel, with the males colouring up splendidly for breeding.
More here.

words / photo © Sue Courtney