My Haiku Successes in Competitions

Golden Triangle Haiku Competition 2023
announced 15 March 2023 
Theme: Notes to Nature

crescent moon—

the scent of orange zest

on my nails

My haiku was selected by the esteemed panel of judges as Third Place winner from over 3100 entries from around the world.

It will be among the top 200 printed on signboards that will brighten up the streets of Washington DC's Golden Triangle Business from mid March to mid May 2023.

NZPS International Poetry Competition 2022 – Haiku
announced 27 July 2022 
NZ Poetry Society Results link

the tree lets go
of a leaf

Commended NZPS 2022

words / photo © Sue Courtney

The haiku was judged without the photo.

Judge an'ya wrote: From Sue Courtney a commended haiku that references the “bellbird”, a passerine species endemic to New Zealand. In this zen-style haiku of 8 simple words and a perfect melody, this one just says all that needs to be said. Some haiku written in this zen style can be incomplete, but Sue has given us a subject, an action verb, and visual closure as the leaf zigzags to wherever it lands. The true simplicity of the haiku genre at its very best. Congratulations Sue!