Lab Members

  • Current member

Sung Min Han, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

  • Postdoc. Yale University, CT

  • Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL

  • M.S. Yonsei University, South Korea

Sung Min originally came from South Korea. During his master's course at Yonsei University in Korea, he was introduced to the small nematode C. elegans. His initial interest was to study genetic diseases using a genetic model system, with a particular focus on mitochondria. For his Ph.D., he joined Dr. Michael Miller's lab in the UAB to study the function of VAPB/VPR-1, where mutations are associated with two neurological disorders, including ALS and SMA. After graduation, he joined Marc Hammarlund's lab at Yale University to study the recovery of the nervous system already damaged by neurological diseases or injuries. Sung Min moved to Florida in 2018.

Sung Min is the father of two daughters. His hobbies outside his lab include cooking, going to Disney World or St. August's beach, watching EPL games, listening to KPOP music, and reading wuxia novels.

Dr. Rathor joined the lab as a Post-Doctoral Associate in August of 2019. She received her Ph.D. from the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow, India under the mentorship of Dr. Rakesh Pandey in March 2019. In her Ph.D., Dr. Rathor focused on understanding the role of botanicals in anti-aging and neuroprotection using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model host. Now Dr. Rathor is very interested in how mitochondria dysfunction in a subset of neurons can affect organismal aging and healthspan in the C. elegans model system.

In her free time, Dr. Rathor loves to watch Bollywood and animated movies, listen to songs, and go for the long drive.

Laxmi Rathor, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

(2019 Summer~)

  • Ph.D. AcSIR, CSIR-CIMAP , India

  • M.S. Bundelkhand University , India

Taylor McElroy, Ph.D.

T32 NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow

(2021 Spring~)

Proud mom to two cats, Benjen and Rincewind.

My favorite way to pass the time in lab is to listen to True Crime podcasts or audiobooks. I also welcome a variety of background music. I love the British sci-fi show Doctor Who making me a Whovian. I also am an MFM Murderino and Morbid Weirdo.

My fascination of horror and the macabre extend into literature with my all-time favorite the OG Edgar Allan Poe.

Hi, I am a UF alumni with a bachelor's in biology and currently in a post-bacc program. I am really interested in science and medicine and hope to become a physician. During my free time, I like to listen to new music, play tennis, and mountain bike. I also enjoy volunteering and fixing up houses and cars.

Project: The Role of Non-sense Mediated mRNA Decay

Kihyun Kim



  • University of Florida, FL

  • Biology

Heetanshi Joshi

(2021 Spring~)

  • UF Undergraduate student

  • Biology

I am a biology major hoping to become a physician one day! I am highly intrigued by the field of science and its complexity. Some things I enjoy are travelling the world and exploring nature. I am also very passionate about service and love to give back to my community.

Project: The Role of Neropeptide signaling in Organismal Aging and Health

I'm a biochemistry major with love for all things science! I really enjoy raising plants, so I have over 10 at home. I love mystery novels, particularly anything by Agatha Christie. I also enjoy crocheting, baking, and listening to tons of different genres of music.

Brian M. Robles

(2021 Summer~)

  • UF Undergraduate student

  • Biochemistry

Abdel Kareem

(2021 Fall~)

  • UF Undergraduate student

  • Neuroscience

I am a neuroscience major with an interest in medicine. My hobbies include bodybuilding, basketball, and I enjoy playing video games with friends. I also love watching movies and listening to music. My favorite movies are The Dark Knight Trilogy.

I am a biology major and am pursuing a minor in pathogenesis. My hobbies include working out, painting, and listening to music. I also love to watch movies and read!

Hafsa Ouaakki

(2021 Fall~)

  • UF Undergraduate student

  • Biology


(2021 Fall~)

  • UF Undergraduate student

  • Biology

I am a Biology major on the pre-med track with the aspirations of becoming a doctor one day. I have always had a love for math and science and love helping other students with subjects like chemistry and physics. During my free time, I like to go to the gym and create dance choreography with my friends.

  • Alumni

Kim Han Gil

(2021 Spring~2022)

  • UF Undergraduate student

I have keen interest in neuroscience and understanding brain mechanisms using statistics and data science.

In my free time, I like to watch movies and cook. I love listening to science and tech podcasts and following the latest advancements particularly in the field of neurotech. My newly acquired hobby is to crochet.

Shreya Verma

Lab researcher

(2021 Spring)

  • B.S. B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • M.S. UF Biomedical Engineering

Shayla Curry

Lab researcher

(2018 Fall-2020 Fall)

  • UF Undergraduate Student

Anuksha Gotmare


  • UF Undergraduate student

I am UF alumni with my Bachelors in Biology. I love playing videogames of all kinds and spending time with my pets.

Logan Olsacher

Lab researcher


  • University of Florida, FL

  • Biology

Laura Mittelman

(2021 Spring~2021 summer)

  • UF Undergraduate student

Marian Mikhael

  • Undergraduate student