Gaurav Agarwal

RZ Digital Marketing & Social Media Champion

Head of Digital Marketing, Manama, Bahrain

Gaurav Agarwal has approx. 16 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Business Development. He has worked with companies like KIPCO and Walmart and helped many startups in building their online empires.

He is the founder of Imapro, and a seccessful Google Certified professional in AdWords and Analytics plus Digital Marketing Specialist from the University of Illinois, with a high kinship in Budget Optimization and Marketing Automation. He is one of the pioneer marketers in the field of SEO as he ranked his first website in year 2000 while google was launched in 1998.

Gaurav is RZ's Guru in Digital Marketing, Online campaigns and viral content on internet, he is driving our digital marketing business leads and projects with our increasing customer base across the globe.