Data Governance

Through data governance, organizations establish formal processes and responsibilities for ensuring the quality and security of internal data. Data governance initiatives seek to build a strong foundation for business intelligence and also to maintain compliance with data-oriented regulations. As such, a rigorous data governance program can be a pillar of strategic planning and sound risk management. Because of its demanding technological requirements, however, data governance has to date been the privileged domain of very large organizations with the resources to afford costly proprietary software platforms.

One of RZ focuses is to assist organizations to identify their data management needs and advise them to choose from those offered on the market, or to build their own software platform.

This will result in building your Enterprise data warehouse and will enable you to mine into it for reporting, business intelligence, analytics, strategic planning and decision making.

Our skilled development experts will be happy to build software and mobile applications based on your requirements, our solutions come along with training and coaching to assist you during the implementation and the solution adoption across the organization and its management.