Cyber Security

Natural tensions frequently exist between workplace culture and security policy. Employees often choose convenience over security. For example, users may know that they should choose difficult-to-guess passwords, but they may also want those passwords to be close at hand. So every fledgling auditor knows to check for sticky notes on the monitor and to pick up the keyboard and look under it for passwords. IT staff may know that every local administrator account should have a password; yet, in the haste to build a system, they may just bypass that step, intending to set the password later, and therefore place an insecure system on the network.

The security audit should seek to measure security policy compliance and recommend solutions to deficiencies in compliance. The policy should also be subject to scrutiny. Is it a living document, accurately reflecting how the organization protects IT assets on a daily basis? Does the policy reflect industry standards for the type of IT resources in use throughout the organization?

RZ consulting has the necessary certified cyber security & cyber crime experts and auditors that conduct extensive assessments on your corporation and identify the level of its compliance with cyber security standards. in the digital age, every single corporation needs to be audited and certified against cyber attacks, since the most valuable assets of a structure today is its data. Any minimal leak or hacker intrusion can cost corporates huge losses in funds and in reputation. so the time is now to take action and save your corporation.