Digital Marketing Automation

Automation is required to save time and energy at every stage of Digital Marketing cycle. Digital presence is still accessible but to get predictable results from any campaign throughout the customer journey life-cycle, end to end technical integration is required. Collection of the marketing data, optimizing the running campaigns and doing continuous innovation requires a lot of professional experience. We are expert in development, integration, implementation, testing, and monitoring, i.e., complete automation of digital marketing campaigns.

Why Digital Social Media Marketing?

Over the last few years, the Middle East had a small share in the global digital advertising expenditure. The advertising expenditure is more focused on printed ads, street billboards and panels, newspapers and magazines, etc.


RZ performs the total management of all social media channels for companies and organizations, ensuring audience engagement and channel sustainable activity with its subscribers and followers.

RZ commits to deliver the following during the contract period:

  • Post Scheduling for 30 days on the agreed social channels
  • Basic research of the client’s online Social presence
  • Professionally designed graphics & content i.e. images, styles, quotes etc.
  • Posting with top industry hashtags in chosen languages
  • Increasing authentic followers, with targeted reach and engagement
  • Location based audience targeting, other targeting criteria can be requested by the client
  • Handling Custom Requirements [Content provided by Client]
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager [Email Support]
  • Brand & Comment Monitoring & Management
  • Regular Page/ Channel evaluation and auditing

Other RZ specific deliveries:

  • Increase genuine followers by interacting & engaging with the right target audience
  • Use of professional graphics, copyright free and safe to use on Social Media
  • Use of client’s Logo & Website link on the image quotes to increase the brand notoriety.
  • Use designs & graphics provided by Client, within his activity and visual chart.
  • Design unique image quote posts on Social Media for internet user engagement.
  • ShadowBan Safe: RZ Co guarantees that client pages/channels will post only unique content and thus pages will be safe. ShadowBan affects accounts that do not use unique content (Web Plagiarism).

Business Lead Generation

Business is all about revenue, and to generate the income you have to either sell a product or a service. Any business model whether B2B or B2C is looking for customers. It could be either retail, buying the product directly from your store, SMEs or corporates, looking for prospective leads. Experience in technical implementation of digital strategies is required to reach the targeted audience and convert them. We have the necessary set of skills to support digital business generation.

Digital Brand Awareness

Branding is all about “Built to Show, Built to Grow,” i.e., having its presence whenever wherever needed. Digital is the most potent tool now with over 3 billion people using digital channels to communicate every second. Digital presence for a brand is no more a luxury moreover it is a mandate. We create a systematic organic approach to establish the Brand presence, whether it is a Digital brand activation of a startup or creating buzz for a well-established company; you are in safe hands.