Crystal Carbon Dragon

Stage 0 - How to build a custom AMD RYZEN gaming PC?

My buildlog over the new AMD Ryzen 5 1600x with Aircooling, B350 Mainboard, 16GB Ram, GeForce GTX 1070, 256 GB SSD in an Cube

Stage 0.0.0 - The preparation... how does the idea look exactly?

Like many others, I was eagerly awaiting the new AMD Ryzen processors and AM4 motherboards to replace my old PC. You can go to the next store and hope they know what they are doing ... you buy a PC off the shelf or build a custom PC like many others and me.

Already weeks before the show, I began to prepare and choose the components for my new system... but...

What is important and should be considered?

At the beginning, it is important to think about what you need and will achieve with the new system... What requirements should the new pc fulfil and what is useful?

The list could look like this:

  • CPU power for current and future applications and games
    • How many cores @Mhz?
    • Which graphic-card?
    • How many ram @Mhz?
  • Connections and expandability
    • LAN
    • SATA / M.2
    • USB 2.0/3.0
    • Audio
  • Overclocking the CPU/GPU?
  • Air Cooling or Water Cooling? - Advantages and disadvantages
    • Air cooling
      • TDP
      • Heatpipes
      • Fans
    • Water Cooling
      • AIO - ready to run
      • Custom loop
        • Softtubing / hardtubing?
        • How many radiators?
        • Which pump?
  • Case with cool look / modding capability / enough space
  • Which components are taken over from the old system?
  • Further upgrades
    • More SSD/HDD?
    • LCD monitor
  • Other important concerns
    • Budget
  • Environment
    • Green IT
    • EPEAT
    • 80 PLUS
    • conflict (free) materials

Other common questions

Many questions also always pertain to certain technical expressions and abbreviations. Also in forums and reviews is so much misinterpreted.

Therefore, on the following pages some help:

... if you want to skip, go on here:

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