Ryo Tanaka

Department of Philosophy, University of Connecticut

I am a fouth-year graduate student in philosophy at the University of Connecticut, USA. I am also a member of the ECOM (Expression, Communication and the Origins of Meaning) research group at Uconn.

Before coming to Connecticut, I did BA and MA in philosophy at Kyoto University, Japan. During my MA studies, I also spent a semester as a research student at National University of Singapore.

My academic interests include philosophy of language (esp. questions on meaning), philosophy of mind (esp. questions on intentionality), action theory, epistemology, meta-ethics (esp. semantics and pragmatics of normative language).

I also have interests in the history of philosophy, including Western early modern philosophy (esp. Locke, Hume and Kant), and the history of 'analytic' philosophy (esp. Logical positivism, Quine and Sellars).

The topic of my dissertation is semantic knowledge (please see "research" page for more details).

My CV is available upon request.


  • Conference Presentation: "Semantic Knowledge as Expressive Know-How" at the Fourth Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia @National Chengchi University (Taiwan), August 9, 2018.

Contact: ryo.tanaka[at]uconn.edu